''How was your weekend?'', Jen asked Erin as they sat down at their desks.

''Fine, nothing much happened'', Erin said, smiling, ''how about you?''.

''I got my dress'', Jen beamed, she and her fiancè had been engaged for 10 years and they were finally getting around to the wedding.

''Oh what's it like?'', Erin asked, she didn't really have a major interest in weddings but it would be rude not to act curious.

''It's huge'', Jen said, ''like a big poofy princess dress''.

Erin smiled, she hated poofy dresses, but Jen was a romantic, she had to have the fairytale wedding.

''Oh by the way, have you found a date? Because if you haven't my cousin is single and he's looking for someone and he'll be there too'', Jen smiled.

''Oh right'', Erin said going red, ''well, I'm probably going to bring a friend to keep me company, but I'll keep an eye out for your cousin''.

At that moment Mr. Harrington came in, he was a small man who always looked happy, even in the most stressful situations.

''Good Monday ladies'', he chuckled.

''Hiya'', they said in unison.

''Erin I'll need you to ring that young man who came in for the interview last week, the one with the dark hair'', Mr. Harrington said as he flicked through the post, ''could you tell him that unfortunately the job is being filled by someone else''.

''Oh, yeah ok'', Erin said, of course she was the one that would have to let Josh down.

Mr. Harrington went into his office, Jen looked at Erin.

''Do you want me to do it?'', she asked her.

''What? Oh no'', Erin smiled.

''It's just I know you are friends with him'', Jen said.

''It's fine. I'll do it now, I'm just going to go into the bathroom and ring him''.

She got up from her desk and went through the backroom into the toilet. She leant against the wall and dialled Josh's number, how the hell was  she going to tell him. She didn't even know if he had any other jobs lined up.

''Hello?'', Josh answered.

''Hey I didn't wake you did I?''.

''No just out of the shower, what's up? Are you not in work?''.

''Yeah I am'', Erin said.

''Right then...is everything ok?'', Josh laughed.

''It's about the job you interviewed for'', Erin said quietly, ''you didn't get it. I'm really sorry''.

''Oh right...no that's ok'', Josh said trying to hide his disappointment, ''I have another few lined up, no worries''.

''Are you ok?'', Erin asked.

''Yeah I'm fine''.

''Are you suuuure?'', Erin smiled.


''Righto then''.

''Actually'', Josh said, ''I could do with a drink''.

''At 9 in the morning?''.

''No, later. At 9 tonight, in The Gypsy Rose?''.

''That sounds good, I think I might join you'', Erin smiled.

''Great, I'll see you then'', Josh said, ''bye Erin''.

''Bye'', Erin said in almost a whisper.


Josh was waiting at the bar when Erin arrived. She still didn't know how to greet him, did they kiss or hug... She opted with just sitting down beside him at the counter.

''Hey'', she said, a bit out of breath, her feet were throbbing for her heels, ''how's it going?''.

''Great thanks'', Josh said smiling, ''how was your day?''.

''What's that?'', she said pointed at his drink.

''A double scotch'', he replied.

''I'll have one of them'', she said to the barmaid, ''my day? It was fine, a bit boring but what can you do. How about yours?''.

''Boring too'', Josh said, ''sat around the house most of the day''.

''Oh you have such a hard life'', Erin teased, she paid for her drink, ''do you want to go to a table?''.

''Yeah sure''.

They hopped down of the stools and made their way to a small table down the back, the bar was fairly empty, well it was a Monday. They sat down and drank in silence for a while, it wasn't an awkward silence, a comfortable one.

''So how was your sex life before you came home?'', Erin asked looking at Josh.

Josh smiled and took a mouthful of his drink.

''How was yours?'', he said.

''Great, now how was yours?'', Erin smiled resting her head on her hand.

''It was...'', Josh thought for a moment, ''mundane''.

''Too bad''.

''I didn't really explore the world of sex, your the first person I haven't been going out with that yknow, I sleep with'', he said blushing slightly.



''I had lots of sex'', Erin said taking a drink.

Josh burst out laughing at her bluntness. He didn't really want to think about other men with her, but at the same time. Curiousity.

''How many guys have you slept with then?''.

''Hmmm'', Erin said swirling her glass, ''there was, Gerard, Justin, George, Jack, Mark, Josè, Philip, Miguel, Paul, Kris, Bren, Ryan, Sam, Zack, another Paul, Louis, Eugene, he was awful, Yuri, Tom, and other guys that I don't remember''.

Josh stared at her open mouthed.

''Like I've done pretty much everything, except an orgy or a porno. Oh yeah there was also Sarah, Lisa and Zoey'', she said squinting as she remembered their names.


''Yeah'', she said shrugging, ''didn't really like it though''.

''Oh right'', Josh said, he wanted to picture her with a girl, but not in public.

''And then you of course'', Erin smiled, she moved a bit closer, ''wanna know who was the best?''.

Josh nodded. She moved in closer, till her lips were brushing against his skin, giving him goosebumps. She kissed his neck lightly.


He turned and looked at her skeptically. She smiled at him.

''It is you'', she said.

He hadn't noticed her hand moving up his thigh until he felt it on his crotch.

''Erin'', he laughed, ''we're in public''.

''Remember when we were 18?'', she said kissing his neck again, ''in the toilet at the club?''.

Josh looked at her, she bit her lip and moved away from him. He downed his drink and got up, going to the toilet. She sat there for a while before finishing hers and following him in.

The End

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