''Did you have a good night last night?'', Chleo asked Dan as she ran her fingers along his chest.

It was early Sunday morning, they could hear Katie and Ryan playing in one of the rooms, for how long they weren't sure. It wasn't often they got time to themselves.

''Yeah it was good fun'', Dan said his eyes still shut, ''although that Dean guy still pisses me off''.

''I know, I don't know what Billy sees in him'', Chleo sighed, ''he just uses Billy cause he has a job. He can shite on about his so called modelling career but I don't think he's ever made any money himself''.

''Hey he's like you'', Dan smiled opening his eyes.

''Shut up'', Chleo said slapping him playfully, ''I have worked, just...not in a while''.

''You have the most important job'', Dan said kissing her on the head.

''I do?''.

''Sure, you're the woman''.

''The woman? I hope you're not getting sexist in your old age'', Chleo said, ''what are you 30 now?''.

''I'm not old'', Dan pouted.

''I know hun, we've still got time for more babies''.


''Yup, 3 more'', Chleo nodded.

''You're not serious?''.

''Oh yeah'', she said sitting up to look at him, ''dead serious. 3 more, maybe 4''.

Dan's eyes widened.

''I'm only joking'', Chleo smiled, ''maybe one more''.

''Hmm yeah'', Dan said, ''we better get practising''.


Erin stood in front of the bungalow, the garden was completely overgrown, the windows on the house were filty and the door looked was almost grey, no where near the white it used to be. She walked up the path, watching her feet in fear of getting caught in some weeds. She got to the door and took a breath and opened the door, knowing it would be unlocked. The smell in the house was disgusting, a mixture of cigarette smoke and alcohol.

''Mam?'', Erin called out shutting the door.

There was no answer, she was probably unconcious somewhere. Erin wandered into the kitchen and looked around the presses. There was no food to be found anywhere. She opened the fridge and gagged, the smell of rotten milk and gone off food hit her. She looked under the sink and found a black bag, she threw all the rotten food into it. She washed out the presses and fridge, and swept the floor. She didn't know why she was bothering, her Mother probably wouldn't even notice. After cleaning the kitchen down, she went into her Mam's room, there she was, knocked out on her bed, stinking of drink. Erin closed her eyes for a second and walked over, shaking her Mam gently.

''Mam'', she said quietly, ''come on wake up''.

Her Mam's eye opened groggily. She smiled, sort of.

''Erin'', she croaked, ''you came over''.

Erin helped her sit up.

''Yes I came over'', she said rolling her eyes, ''come on let's get you cleaned up''.


''So, Josh, when are heading back to London?'', Marie asked as she set the food down on the table.

''I don't know Mam'', Josh said tucking into his roast, ''I have a few more job interviews, I'm hoping I'll get something''.

''Oh, I hope you do, I don't think I could let you go back, it's been so great having you home''.

''To be honest I don't really want to go back'', Josh shrugged, ''I'd much rather stay here''.

''What about that girl over there?'', his Mother asked avoiding his eyes, ''do you not want to go back to her?''.

Josh felt himself go red, he knew he shouldn't have mentioned Jane to his parents.

''Maybe, that relationship is over Marie'', his father said looking over his glasses at her, ''maybe he's found someone else over here''.

''You have!?'', she exclaimed excitedly looking at Josh.

He looked to his Father who winked at him and started eating his food.

''No, Mam'', Josh said, ''I'm not seeing anyone over here''.

''Oh'', his Mother said, obviously disappointed, ''you know, your brother was engaged at your age''.

''I know Mam'', Josh rolled his eyes, ''but not everyone gets married to their first girlfriend. And anyway, not everyone wants to get married''.

His mother looked upset at the thought of Josh never marrying, he knew she wanted grandchildren more than anything, and his brother and his wife were having trouble getting pregnant. He took a deep breath.

''Jane might be coming over to visit'', he said, ''I'm not sure''.

His Mother's face lit up. Just like he knew it would.


Erin shut her apartment door and rubbed her eyes. She knew she shouldn't go to her Mam like that, she was never going to get better if Erin kept turning up to save her. She sat down on her sofa and let her body relax. It was already 11pm and she had to be up for work at half 6. She took out her phone, she hadn't been on it all day. She had 3 missed calls and 6 texts. She smiled as she flicked through them, 2 calls from Chleo, 1 from Josh, 3 texts from Chleo, 2 from Billy and 1 from Josh. Like the old days. She scrolled down to Josh's number and pressed call.

''Hey Erin'', he answered, sounding tired.

''Oh did I wake you?'', she said lying down on the couch.

''No it's fine, what's up?''.

''Just returning your call''.

''Oh yeah, where were you all day, Chleo even rang me worried''.

''I was with my Mam'', Erin said shutting her eyes.

''Oh right''.

There was silence for a minute.

''How is she?'', Josh said, 'Erin? Hello? Are you asleep?''.

Erin jolted awake.

''Sorry, eh she's fine. The same as always'', she said going into her room, last time she fell asleep on the couch her back was at her for days. She flopped down on her bed, ''still a drunken lunatic''.

''Are you ok?'', Josh sounded worried.

''Yeah I'm fine, just tired I guess''.

''Well go asleep then'', Josh laughed, ''you didn't have to call me''.

''I know'', Erin said embarrassed, ''alright, goodnight, I'll probably see you during the week at some stage''.

''Yeah definately, goodnight Erin''.

The End

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