''Dean, would you please hurry up'', Billy said checking his watch for the hundreth time, ''we were meant to be there 2 hours ago''.

He sat down on the sofa and rubbed his face. The sky was turning pink outside and the streets growing quieter, he sighed and started reading through some essays that were on the coffee table.

''Hello?'', Dean said.

He turned and looked at Dean, standing at the door with his hand on his hip.

''Let's get going'', he snapped at Billy, ''we're late enough as it is, if you weren't so busy correcting all that shite we'd probably get to places on time''.

Billy rolled his eyes and got up following Dean out of the apartment. It was typical of Dean to hold other people up and then avoid blame. He didn't even know what had taken Dean so long, his blonde hair looked messy and his clothes did too, his jeans were ripped and he wore a loose sleeveless shirt that looked like it had had it's sleeves torn off it, it was probably some new fashion statement he was trying to make. They didn't speak a word to each other in the taxi to Chleo's, Billy choosing to converse with the driver rather than Dean.

As they waited at the front door Dean started his complaing.

''Don't embarrass me Billy'', he said quietly, ''you always talk about your stupid work, like nobody gives two shits about the brats...Heeeey Chleo!''.

Chleo had opened the door and was instantly greeted by cheerful Dean, he planted two air kisses on her cheeks and walked by her into her house, he could be heard greeting various people as he made his way out the back to begin his chain smoking.

''Hey Billy'', Chleo said hugging him.

''How are things?'', he asked as they walked to the kitchen.

''Same as always'', Chleo said pouring him a glass of wine, ''how about you?''.

''Fine, I guess', he shrugged.

Chleo's family barbeques were legendary and he was annoyed that they had missed the beginning of it. He could hear Dan yapping the back garden, he had probably cornered some poor innocent member of Chleo's family, it was usually her brother Gary, who was too nice to excuse himself, or interrupt.


He looked towards the voice, Katie was running towards him, her black curls bouncing as she jumped into his arms for a hug.

''Katie you're getting too big for me to lift'', Billy laughed as he failed to lift the 8 year old higher than 2 feet.

''You're just getting ooold'', she giggled.

She was the image of Chleo and she was going to be some heart breaker too.

''I got a medal in gymnastics the other day'', she beamed.

''Well done'', Billy said messing her hair up.

''Heeeey!'', she laughed.

''There she is!'', somebody shrieked.

Both Billy and Katie turned their heads to see Dean coming over, his arms outstretched. Billy saw Katie's face fall, he knew how uncomfortable she felt around Dean, who treated her as though she was stupid. He bent down to her level and attempted a friendly smile.

''How are you?'', he said in a childish voice, slowing all his words down.

''I. Am. Exquesite. Thank. You. For. Asking.'', she mimicked his tone.

Billy let out a little laugh, she truely was her Mother's daughter. Dean sneered at her and stood back up.

''Shouldn't you go play with some kids or something?'', he said to her.

She looked him up and down and her lip curled, Billy smiled, truly her Mother's daughter. She smiled at Billy, looked around the room for someone to talk to and ran off to an Uncle who coincidently had his wallet out.

''Urgh kids are disgusting'', Dean said folding his arms and leaning back against the counter.


Dan, Billy and Josh were sitting at the back of Chleo's garden, it was late now and most of her family had gone home, aswell as Dean, who had gotten bored after about an hour.

''When are you heading home Josh?'', Dan asked taking a mouthful of his beer.

''I don't know'', Josh said running a hand through his hair, ''I don't think I want to''.

''I think we know why'', Billy scoffed nudging Dan who laughed.

''What do you think you know?'', Josh said frowning.

The other two men looked at each other and then back to Josh.

''Erin right?'', Dan said leaning in.

''What?'', Josh said laughing, ''we're not together''.

Dan and Billy looked at him skeptically.

''We're not!", Josh exclaimed, "seriously, it's not like that''.

''Riiight'', Billy smiled.

''No, I'm serious, we're just...having fun'', Josh smiled, thinking of that morning in Erin's apartment, ''we don't have any real feelings for each other, we're just...''.

''Fuck buddies'', Dan helped him with his words.

''Exactly'', Josh said.

''I'll toast to that'', Billy laughed.


Erin sat back on Chleo's sofa, she had had a stressful and tiring day. Chleo came in and gave her another glass of wine.

''How was she when she rang?'', she asked Erin, sitting down beside her.

''Off her face'', Erin replied rubbing her eyes, ''I swear she's getting worse, I regret getting in contact with her Chleo''.

''You did what you thought was right Chicky Poo'', Chleo said wrapping an arm around her.

''Yeah but when did she ever do what was right?".

Chleo shrugged and took a sip of wine.

"She just keep ringing me and crying down the phone, I have no fucking clue what she is saying half the time, she's just rambling on and on. She makes me feel sick, this morning she was bawling about some guy who had fucked her and left'', Erin said, tears running down her cheeks, "She was asking me to buy her drugs! Crying down the phone begging me to help her? To get her some drink cause she can't afford it anymore. I can't help but wish she would...die...''.

''Oh Erin, you don't mean that'', Chleo said quietly, ''she's your Mam, no matter what''.


The End

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