Erin woke up, something was buzzing near her head, her phone, she lay still hoping it would go away. She was tired, and her head was sore, the last thing she wanted was a conversation with someone. The phone kept going, she thought about rejecting the call, but knowing her luck she would have rejected a dying Billy or something. She groaned and grabbed it.

''What?'', she said hoarsely.

''Erin?'', it was Josh.

''Whaaaat?'', she repeated covering her eyes with her hand, ''what do you want?''.

''I was wondering if you wanted to get some lunch?''.

''It's not even breakfast time'', she moaned.

''It's half 12 Erin'', Josh said amused.

''Urgh fuck. Yeah ok then''.

''Starbucks in an hour?''.

''No'', Erin said loudly, ''too loud, with annoying people, somewhere quiet. The little cafe on Dame Street, I need a fry''.

''Alright then, I'll see you in an hour''.

''Yeah whatever bye'', Erin groaned as she hung up.

She lay for a moment her hand still over her eyes, why had she let Chleo drag her to that bar, everyone was about 18 in it. She kicked off her blankets and dragged herself to the bathroom. She stared at herself in the mirror, her hair was messy but hot she noted. She looked at the shower and back at the mirror.

''Fuck it'', she gave herself a quick wash and threw on some clothes.

She grabbed a pair of sunglasses and her bag.

''Mr. Cat?'', she called looking around her apartment, ''heeeeere kitty kitty''.

The cat was nowhere to be seen, probably off eating in someone else's apartment. Two-faced shit.


Josh was waiting at a small table at the back of the cafe, flicking through some magazine when Erin arrived, she sat down opposite him and frowned.

''I hate you'', she mumbled.


''Nooo'', she said sarcastically.

''I ordered for you'', Josh said, ''your fry''.

''I love you'', Erin said grinng.

The waitress put the breakfasts down in front of them and a pot of coffee. Erin began to pour herself a cup.

''So why lunch?'', Erin said as she poured.

''Wanted to see you I guess'', Josh shrugged.

Erin's stomach dropped, he thought she wanted to be with him. This was going to be awkward. They ate in silence for a while until Erin decided to speak.

''We need to talk'', she said wiping her mouth with a napkin.

Josh stopped eating and looked up at her, that was the real reason he had called her but he had chickened out on the talking part.

''About last week?'', he said.


They looked at each other for a while no one wanting to go first. Both afraid of what the other was about to say.

''I'll go first then'', Josh said taking a deep breath, ''I don't know what happened the other night, and I'm really sorry about it. I just, I don't want to be with someone right now and I'm sorry if you got that impression. I mean, I'm just trying out the whole single thing. Not that it wasn't great, because it was, great''.

He stopped, he had noticed Erin was smiling, no not smiling beaming.

''What?'', Josh said smiling back.

''I feel the exact same'', she replied, ''I was afraid that you would want to be with me''.

''No I really don't'', Josh said laughing, ''oh sorry that sounded horrible''.

''It's fine, I understand'', Erin smiled, ''and I agree it was great''.

Her stomach started flipping, she did want to do it again, but what if he didn't. She wanted to say something to him. If she didn't she would always be wondering. And it really was great, it would be nice to be able to have a guy but not have to be with him.

''What are you thinking about?'', Josh said.

''Huh?'', Erin replied snapping out of her daze, ''oh nothing, just... nah never mind''.

''Go no'', Josh grinned, as though he knew what she was thinking.

''I was just thinking that'', she felt herself go red, ''it was really good, like I've never, yknow, 'finished' with a guy before, not really. Not like that anyway, and...urgh this is so embarrassing and you can totally say no I'll understand comepletely''.

''Just tell me'', Josh laughed.

Erin looked at him, his eyes still reminded her of chocolate.

''I don't see why we can't just, keep...doing it'', she said quietly, ''like, no strings attached''.

Josh looked down at his food and thought, it was amazing sex and they both had moved on, why not.

''Alright'', he said looking back up.

''Really?'', Erin said shocked.

''Yeah, I don't see why we shouldn't'', he smiled.


They fell down on Erin's bed again urgently pulling at each other's clothes. Josh sat up pulling his top off as Erin slipped her trousers down, she sat on him their bodies pushed up against each other. She shivered at his touch, deepening the kisses. She pushed him back, holding his arms above his head as she kissed his chest and stomach, she slid his trousers down, roughly pulling them off at his feet. She got back on him and took off her top, his heart was pounding in his chest as she teased him, making him want her more than he had ever wanted anything.

The End

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