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A Few Days Later

Josh wandered up Baggot street looking for the building, he had a job interview today that he was dying to get. He really wanted a reason to move back, no he needed a reason to move back. He found the building and pressed the buzzer.

''Harringtons, can I help you?'', a woman said.

''I'm here for a job interview'', Josh replied.

''Come on up''.

The door buzzed and he walked in. He followed the signs to Harringtons and soon reach a small office, a portly woman sat behind the desk reading a magazine. She looked up as he came in.

''Hello'', he said smiling, ''I'm here for the interview''.

''Sure thing'', the woman answered, ''take a seat, he'll be ready in a moment''.

Josh sat down on a small leather armchair and looked around at the photographs on the walls, he wanted to be a part of a small firm, the place he was currently with was too big, there was too much pressure. Another woman walked in, Josh couldn't help but check her out. He wished he could see her face but her short, black hair was in the way as she filed, he began to look away then her legs that caught his eye. The woman turned around and Josh almost had a heart attack, the woman jumped.

''Josh?'', she said smiling.

''Hey'', he said standing up not sure what to do, ''hey Erin''.

''How are you?'', she asked.

''Good, I'm good thanks'', Josh answered, his heart was thumping but she didn't seem phased at all.

''Mr. Harrington will see you now'', the woman behind the desk said.

''Oh, right, yeah'', Josh said awkwardly grabbing his portfolio.

''Nice seeing you'', Erin said as she walked into a back room.

''You too'', Josh muttered going into Mr. Harrington's office.


Josh sat in the cafe drinking his coffee, Mr. Harrington seemed pleased with his portfolio, he hoped he got the job, it would be great to get back to Dublin, he was sick of London. It was too noisy, everyone rushed around and his hours were awful. Plus, it'd be nice to be around Chleo and Billy again, the three had become inseperable over the past week, with Dan joining them a few times. He wondered about Erin, she acted like they had barely known each other. He didn't know why he had gotten so nervous, he was over her, well and truly. But why had she acted that way?

He paid for his drink and left the cafe, he decided to wander around town for a while. Were Chleo and Billy in touch with Erin? He hadn't even thought about it, neither of them had said anything but then again why should they have? Maybe they thought it would bother him hearing about Erin, it wouldn't have bothered him at all. He didn't have feelings for her anymore. Why was he thinking about this so much? He stopped, took out his phone and dialled.

''Hey Jane'', he said to the answering machine, ''I went for a job interview today, I wish you'd come over and visit. You might like it here. Well, I'll talk to you later I guess. Bye''.


Chleo was struggling to get to the ringing phone in the kitchen, Ryan was holding on to her leg, she finally reached it.

''Hello'', she said out of breath.

''Hey Chleo'', Erin said.

''Hows it babe?'', Chleo said shaking Ryan off her leg, ''Ryan I'm talking on the phone go play, sorry about that, what's up?''.

''You never told me Josh was home'', Erin said.

''Oh, right, yeah'', Chleo said kicking herself for being so stupid.

''I would've liked to have gone out with you guys''.

''I know, I'm so sorry Erin, I just thought that you wouldn't want to see him''.

''Why not?''.

''You know why, Katie no biscuits, in case it was awkward'', Chleo said swatting Katie away from the biscuits, ''you know you haven't spoken to the guy in 8 years Erin, and the way you guys finished I thought it'd be weird''.

''I don't have feelings for him anymore'', Erin said sharply, ''it was years ago Chleo''.

''Ok ok I'm sorry'', Chleo said feeling bad, ''come with us next time, we're meeting for lunch tomorrow at Toscanas at 1''.

''Alright'', Erin said, ''I'll see ya then''.

She hung up quickly, Chleo felt bad, Erin was really annoyed at her. Erin was right though, it had been years, she was stupid to think that they'd find it weird, they were all adults now.


Erin had arrived way too early for the lunch, then remembered that Chleo had said 1 o'clock, meaning half 1. She sat back on her chair and started reading her book. There was a cough and she looked up.

''Oh, hey'', she said.

''Hey'', Josh replied as he sat down, ''I didn't know you were coming?''.

''Chleo invited me, I hope that's ok?'', Erin said.

''Course it is'', Josh smiled.

''So, how have you been, Mr. Photographer man'', Erin said.

''How'd you know Iwas doing photography?'', Josh asked.

''I saw one of your exhibitions in...Munich I think'', she answered, ''some of your stuff was really nice. I went looking for you but I couldn't see you anywhere''.

''That was like what 5 years ago?'', Josh said.


A silence fell between the two, Erin smiled awkardly.

''What were you doing in Munich?'', Josh asked hoping she would keep talking till the others came.

''Dunno'', Erin shrugged, ''I did a lot of travelling. I went from Spain to France and then to Germany and Austria and Switzerland, and I lived in Venice too''.

''Cool, Venice is a great place'', Josh said.

''My favourite place that I lived in was Thailand'', Erin continued, her eyes lit up as she spoke, ''the food was incredible and the people were so nice. I learnt how to massage over there, it was an amazing time, I did a lot of meditation and charity work, it was great''.

''Sounds it'', Josh laughed, ''what brought you back here?''.

''Spain got boring'', Erin shrugged, ''you know guys in Spain? They don't fuck''.

Josh stared at her, that was a bit much, maybe it was her nerves.

''Like I mean, they have sex, but they don't fuck everything is making love'', she said casually, it definately wasn't nerves, ''it's a bit boring to be honest''.

Josh managed to give a quiet laugh. He really didn't want to hear this.

''How was England?''.

''Oh, it was...nice...'', Josh said.

''Lie, you hated it'', Erin smiled.

''Yeah I did'', Josh laughed, ''I missed home''.


The meal went off without a glitch, everyone had a laugh and at the end they all organised to meet again. Josh was glad, he was afraid Billy and Chleo would be weird around the two of them, but they were fine. He felt 18 again as he walked to the train. They were coming to his house the next Friday for a party his parents were throwing. He was glad they were coming, he didn't want to be stuck with his aunties and uncles discussing the weather.

''Why is it only when we get old we start talking about the weather?'', Josh thought to himself, ''weather, work, kids, bills, weather, work, kids, bills''.

The End

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