Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. It'll go away. Beep. Beep. Beep. Billy slammed his hand down on the alarm clock, he groaned and opened his eyes. He rolled over and looked at the time, why he didn't know, he knew what time it was. 7:30am. Dean groaned behind him.

''I hate that alarm'', he mumbled.

Billy kicked his half of the blankets off and got up. Dean dragged the blankets back and curled up in a ball. Billy walked into their bathroom and flicked the light on, he looked at himself in the mirror, his hair was going grey, but he liked it, made him look 'distinguished' as Dean said. He hopped into the shower and stood under the water. It was Wednesday, that meant a half day, which also meant lunch with Chleo. After he had washed he flicked the cold water on. His daily waking up routine. He walked into the small kitchen, him and Dean were renting a small flat down near the harbour, not close enough to be too expensive but close enough to see the sea. He put on the coffee and picked up his phone. A text from Chleo.

''BIG suprise for u 2day. x''

Billy rolled his eyes, she was probably pregnant again. He drank his coffee and grabbed his bag.

''Bye'', he called as he shut the door.


Billy walked into the small cafè and saw Chleo sitting at the usual seat drinking a cappuchino and eating a scone, she waved to him and he went over. He sat on the chair opposite her.

''I am starving'', he said as he ordered his usual, ''didn't have any breakfast rushed out of the place, got to the school and forgot about food''.

''I don't know how you do it'', Chleo said smiling, ''look after ungrateful, delinquents''.

''We were those once'', Billy laughed, ''the most ungrateful of all the delinquents''.

''Remember the wall?''.

''It's still there'', Billy smiled.

''Nooo way''.

''Yup I checked last week''.

Chleo smiled and stirred her drink.

''How's Dean?'', she asked.

''He's fine'', Billy replied as the waitress put his favourite pasta dish in front of him, ''this looks delicious. How's Dan the Man?''.

''Sad, he misses the kids'', Chleo said, ''and me of course, he's not back till the end of the week''.

''Well that's what you get for having lots of money'', Billy joked, ''you have to suffer in some way''.

Chleo stuck her tongue out and took a sip of her drink. Billy started to eat his pasta. The cafè was packed today with mothers with screaming babies, Chleo was glad she was past that stage already. A couple of students walked in and looked around.

''Oi, Mr. Regan'', one of them called.

Billy closed his eyes and begged them to go away, Chleo laughed. He turned and smiled.

''That your bird?'', the boy asked winking.

Billy laughed and turned back to his food. The students ordered theirs and left.

''He's not straight ya dope'', one of them said to the boy on their way out, ''he's a bender''.

Chleo frowned but Billy shrugged it off.

''Kids huh?'', he said smiling faintly.

''Oh my god'', Chleo exclaimed suddenly, ''I almost forgot''.


''My suprise''.

''It's fine I already guessed'', Billy said continuing with his meal.

''You'', Chleo said confused.

''Well I sort of saw it coming''.

''Have you been in touch with him?''.

''Dan? No''.

''Dan?'', Chleo repeated, ''why would you be talking to Dan? Dan doesn't even know yet...wait, what are you talking about?''.

''You're pregnant'', Billy said, in a matter-of-fact tone.

''No I'm not'', Chleo laughed.

''Then what is it?'', Billy asked curious now.

''Josh is home''.


Josh was taking a walk down the streets of Hilltown, the smoothie shop was gone, replaced by a hairdressers, a lot of the shops had been changed, a new newsagents, a few clothes shops, a toy shop and a huge supermarket where the little one used to be. It was like he had stepped in a time machine, nothing was like it used to be. He found himself down on the marina, he leant against the railings on the harbour and looked out at the sea. He had been almost everywhere in the last 8 years, America, Australia, Asia and all over Europe and yet he had never bothered to come back here. It was just as beautiful as a lot of those foreign countries. Especially at this time in the evening. His phone rang, he looked at it and flipped it open.

''Hey Jane'', he said.

''Hey Josh'', she replied in her Welsh accent, ''how are you?''.

''Great'', he said looking down at a family playing on the beach, ''everything's great, you?''.

''I'm great aswell yeah, just going out with the girls tonight'', she said.

''That's good''.

Silence fell between them, Josh kicked at a pebble.

''What's up Jane?'', he asked.

''Nothing'', she said quickly, ''I just wanted to see how you were doing''.

''Well I'm good..''.

''Ok babe'', she said cutting across him using that voice she used around people she wanted to impress, ''well I have to go ok? But I'll chat ya later, ok? Bye hun''.

The line when dead, Josh closed his phone and put it in his pocket. He thought of Billy and Chleo. She said they saw each other all the time. He'd like to see Billy. He took out his phone again and rang Chleo.

''Hey Josh'', she answered, the background was very quiet.

''No kids tonight?'', Josh asked as he began to walk home.

''Nope, Ryan is napping and Katie is at gymnastics'', Chleo said.

''Is there anything Katie can't do?'', Josh laughed.

''Not at the moment'', Chleo replied with a smile in her voice.

''The reason I called anyway was, I was wondering if you wanted to go for some dinner on Friday?'', Josh said, ''really want to make the most of my time here and catch up with everyone, so do you want to ask Billy to come too?''.

''Of course'', Chleo said, ''he'd be delighted''.

''Great'', Josh smiled, ''so I'll see you at Luigi's at  on Friday?''.

''Sure thing'', Chleo said, ''I'll talk to you then''.

Josh hung up, he really wanted to see Billy, they hadn't spoken since before he went away and he always wanted to be friends again.  

The End

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