The plane quietly soared through the clear sky as the voice of the pilot echoed throughout the airplane cabin.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat-belts as we are about to descend onto the Havana, Cuba airport. The current temperature is twenty-eight degrees Celsius and it is a cloudless day. It is currently ten-thirty a.m. We hope you enjoyed your flight, thank you for flying with us today, we hope you have a wonderful stay."

    I listened again as the same speech was repeated in Spanish and the other passengers chatted excitedly as the plane slowly began its descent from the skies. Being an avid flier I wasn't scared, looking out the window at the large landmass below always took my attention away. I closed my eyes as I remembered the events of the day before.

    My mom had called my family in Cuba to let them know of my intentions of visiting them and perhaps spending several months with them. They had been ecstatic, unlike my publisher.

    "I'm sorry, you're going where?" She had nearly shrieked over the phone. "What about your career? Are you ready to give up the name you've made for yourself miss. Author of the year?"

I sighed not because I had been irritated but because I had been tired of having to explain all my actions to everyone. "I'm still going to write Julia. I was thinking I could use the surrounding area in Cuba to help me write something different."

A moment of silence had filled the phone line and I could have almost heard Julia's thoughts working over-time. "That's good." She finally had said, the smile on her face had almost been audible over the phone. "You're brilliant darling!"

    "I know." I had said quietly while packing all my things into my suitcases. "I'll call you when I reach Havana and I'll keep you updated on the manuscript's progress OK?"

    "Diana," Julia's sudden serious tone had taken me by surprise and I had dropped the shirt I was folding. "He isn't worth you crying over, understand?"

I remember gulping at her knowledge of what had happened, "How did you know?"

    "Honey, I know everyone in this city, and you aren't exactly a no name."

    "Oh," I remember murmuring. "I see."

    "I understand why you're leaving," she had continued. "But when you come back you better be the old Diana Perez, OK?"

    "Yeah." I had answered before hanging up.

I opened my eyes and watched the people run around the plane trying to make sure that everything was alright.

    "Excuse me ma'am?" a voice said to me and I ignored it. "Senora?"

I turned my head and was surprised to see an air stewardess staring curiously at me.

    "The airplane has landed, do you need help with your carry on luggage?" She asked as I stood up.

    "No it's alright, thank you." I replied as I held tightly onto my backpack and slowly left the now-empty cabin.

    The airport volume was set on high as people made conversation about the flight, the weather, and etc. I ignored everyone around me and made my way down the stairs and down the long hallway to the immigration department. Pulling out my Cuban and Canadian passport I stepped into a line.

    I barely listened as people had conversations in Spanish with each other and I ignored the children who ran around the lines. I cursed in Spanish as my line appeared too slow for my liking. I had never been a fan of this part of Cuba, the constant checking and stamping that allowed you to enter the country.

    The line slowly shifted forward and I tightened my grip on my bag as I saw a little blond girl running towards our line, I was rolling my eyes when she ran straight into me. Instantly she began to cry and I felt a bump slowly growing on my thigh where she had hit with her head.

    "Do you mind?" A male voice asked me with a slight Japanese accent. "You're on my bag."

I looked up into the face of the most beautiful Asian man that I had ever seen. His black hair lay layered on his head and his full lips appeared to be set in a frown as his annoyed face stared down at me. He must have been in his mid-twenties and he was surprisingly tall. His toned body was visible through his polo shirt and his jeans appeared crisp and expensive. The smell of cologne bathed me and I felt positively light-headed. Instantly my heart began hammering and I changed my surprise look into a glare. "It's not like I wanted to fall on your bag."

    "Whatever," he answered quite obnoxiously and pulled his bag from under me, making me slightly hit the bump on my thigh.

    I bit back my tongue as the pain shot up my thigh and I quietly stood up. He stood rigid straight in the line beside mine and I watched as he kept his good posture when it was his turn. My own turn came up and I decided to forget the annoyance I had just suffered.

    By the time I had my luggage, the rude, handsome Asian man had left my mind and I was now walking towards the exit on the verge of seeing my family after years of missing them. I watched the doors slowly slide open and with it opening came the sounds of people awaiting there family members excitedly. As I waited, the Asian man came up beside me and though I fought hard not to look, I watched him walk through the doors and into the arms of a thin brunette who had been waiting near the doors. My own family hugged and kissed me, but my attention was on the beautiful, unknown Asian man, whom appeared to now be surrounded by important looking people.

    I had never been so curious in my life and that's saying a lot, seeing as to how I am a writer. This was some beginning to my trip back home.

The End

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