Where To From Here?

    My phone rang in the darkness of my room as I regained consciousness. My hand fumbled around the night stand and it clutched tightly onto the receiver and with my head still semi- covered in my blankets I answered.

    "Hello?" I mumbled, not wanting any contact with the outside world anymore.

    "Diana Perez, my favorite author! You finally answered!" My agent Julia Vander practically yelled over the line at me. "Now sweetheart, I was wondering, are you done the manuscript yet?"

I groaned. Not because I wasn't done the manuscript, it was sitting comfortably on my kitchen counter, but because everything hurt and that included my near-non-existent heart. "Yes, I'll drop it off today."

    "Wonderful darling!" She cried out, oblivious to the obvious pain in my voice. "Remember to bring it before four o'clock today!"

A squeak escaped my throat and she took it as my response and hung up. I dropped the phone onto the floor and curled up into a ball. My curly brown hair was in tangles around my head from lack of cleaning the day before and my eyes hurt from too much crying the night before.

    Half an hour later I was sitting up on my bed. Why would I let something like this affect me this badly? I had always told myself that love was a fantasy escape from reality and I had lost my way in that fantasy realm, I had just found the exit door. Eric wasn't worth my tears, not in the least bit.

    With this bit of confidence I stood up fully, swaying a little, and walked to the large curtains that covered the massive windows in my room. I pulled them apart and sunlight nearly blinded me. When my eyes adjusted I watched the city of Toronto below. It was extra busy, despite the summer heat. With a quick glance around I turned and checked out my clock, I had to hurry if I was going to make the deadline for the manuscript and I raced to the shower.

    I walked out of the large publishing house that I had been part of for the last three years of my life. I remember the happiness I had felt when Julia had taken an interest in me, a twenty-one year old University graduate. In the last three years of my life I was able to create a name for myself as my books made me a best seller in less than a year. When my popularity went up, my friends left. I was abandoned, everyone left, except for my family, I had no one. Eric was the only one I had opened up to after everyone had left.

I smirked. Look how that turned out.

    My cellphone rang and I picked up when I saw my mother's name flashing on the LCD screen.

    "Hi mom," I said, trying to sound cheery. "How are you?"

    "I'm fine honey," my mom's Spanish accent was smooth as she talked rapidly. "How was it? Did he propose?"

I groaned. I knew I shouldn't have told her. How was I going to break the news to her about her unfaithful, ex-son-in-law?

I didn't have to, like always my mom somehow knew.

    "Oh honey," she said, now speaking slower and more lovingly. "He isn't worth it! Believe me, you will find someone special who will cherish you."

    "Right," I sighed, it was pointless to tell my mother that I had given up on love, she would only feel hurt considering I was her only kid. "Did you call the family yesterday for Abuela's birthday?"

    "Yes," my mom said, noticing my change in topic she added, "She says she misses you, nene why don't you visit her? It might take your mind off of... things."

With a practiced answer in my head I opened my mouth to respond but then I thought, why not? I had nothing to lose, and I could tell Julia it was for a new story. I thought it over as my mom patiently waited for my answer. "You know what mom? I think I will."

    And that is how I somehow managed to find myself on a plane to where I was born, Havana, Cuba, where it all began.

The End

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