Tragic end

     Three days before the great war of the fourth generation of the Diamonds and Spades, Johann was lost. The king was very worried "John Louis, I want you to look for Johann as fast as possible. Please, do your best, as your uncle, as your king." I left immediately and started looking for Johann. At first I thought that it would be good if I try looking for him in the woods where we used to go during our childhood days. But, there was no sign of him. Then, the woods at the back of the village where we stayed during our mission before their surprise attack. Still, no sign of him. Two days have passed, there was still no sign, yet, the war was fast approaching. I decided to go back, thinking that Johann was aware of the happenings that he will go back.

     On my way back, more soldiers from before were approaching fast! And before I knew it, they were almost attacking me, then I saw Johann leading the army for the Diamonds! Johann betrayed everyone! I tried to get back to the king but then I saw a half dead soldier, being neglected by the others. But then, Johann, running towards the soldier! "Importance of Human Life" I whispered, running towards the man, having Johann to stab me. "Jack of Spades, did you forget your own words." Johann, with a cruel smile said "Sorry, I will learn something about that someday." He pulled the sword from my chest, and this marks my end.

The End

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