Earlier battle

     As I was looking for Johann, I saw soldiers getting ready. I knew this was about their plan for tomorrow, so I didn't pay much more attention to it.

     I found Johann near the woods. He seems to be in deep thoughts to be so quiet and not to worry that we lost each other. I quietly approached him, and I called him. He slowly looked at me, with deep eyes and with a tightly closed lips. I was really afraid, what was he thinking? Is he mad at me for leaving him? But, he doesn't look like that when he is angry at me. His face, it looked like a face of guilt as how he looks like every time he does something wrong secretly. But if he does, what did he do? "Where did you go?" I asked him. "I lost my track." He said, in a lowered voice. I just minded it no more so I just went beside him that I won't lose him in my sight anymore.

     On our way back, the soldiers that I saw a while ago, in an added number, attacking our front gates with our soldiers unprepared. "I thought that they were going to do that tomorrow midnight?!" I asked in great shock. But still, Johann was really speechless, in an empty stare. I tagged him along with me as we ran to the castle.

     As I saw the king, he was really frustrated. "How come did you take so long John Louis?!" I was trembling that time. I couldn't say something about Johann getting lost during our way back, so I made out a story. "I'm sorry Your Highness, but their surprise attack caused a block for us knowing that they have a village curfew. And yet, we cannot tell them that we are from The Suit Spades. So we took the longer route." "Yes, I understand you. It is harder to be caught sneaking around. So, what is your report?" I told him everything about what I heard and about the earlier surprise attack. "I see, maybe this is just a welcome performance. We will have the show begin someday! Get the soldiers ready...." with a cruel smile "...we will win this game!"


The End

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