The Suit Diamonds

     After preparing for my next mission with Johann, we went off to the Suit Diamonds while keeping our identities secret as much as possible. I was a little nervous, I never experienced spying in the Suit Diamonds, so I was nervous. When I opened my thoughts to Johann, he just laughed and just told me to calm down and he added, " You don't seem to be the best at spying!" Well, that didn't help me.

     I don't know, actually I personally think Johann will just be a hassle. He is quick, but he is a little weak in combat and strategy. Which made me a little bit of nervous about his confidence. But, I can't tell unless I see him.

     As we arrived, we stayed in at the village at the back of their castle, which wasn't crowded and it has the easiest way to get in the castle without being noticed.

     At least me and Johann weren't suspicious at all.

     At midnight, when everyone is sleeping, we went on to our mission. There were lots of soldiers. But since we went to the roof, they didn't notice us and also because were is only a few soldiers were up in there.

     I asked Johann to signal me if someone is near us but unaware of our presence. While I am getting ready of my surprised attack. As he showed me the signal, I attacked the soldier and took off his armor and weapon and threw his body near the woods at the back. I gave Johann the armor and the weapon for him to wear, while I attack another one for my own suit.

     To the goodness of coincidence, two soldiers came towards us and told us to switch with us. And they asked us to guard the door to the meeting hall.

     As we were there, I started listening. And then, I heard a shocking plan. As what I have heard, "We will attack earlier, tomorrow midnight. they will not be prepared." Upon hearing this, I tagged Johann along with me, making an excuse that we were assigned somewhere.

     As I was on my way back, I noticed that, I lost Johann. I went back, worried, I was really nervous about him, what if he got caught? What will I tell to the king?


The End

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