Call from the king

     When I left the Academy, a royal guard came and approached me, telling me that the King is calling for me.

     When I arrived to the palace, the king asked "John Louis, no one is familiar of your real name right?" "Yes, Your Highness." "You say your rank instead of the name right?" "Yes, Your Highness." Is it only for this? I asked myself. Then many officials came right in. The king announced that the Suit Diamonds has just declared war! I wasn't surprised at all.  Johann or The Jack of Spades just told me about it four days ago. Then "...I will have The Ace of Spades to be the spy." That statement really surprised me! It is a very big job, so I asked a request to the king "Your Highness, may I ask you to have someone to accompany me in this mission." Good thing he approved it "I will have Johann to accompany you." "Thank you, Your Highness."

     When we were dismissed Johann told me "John, I recognize your skills as a spy, as it was your profession before being an Ace. So please, be patient with me as I was a spy only until knowledge." "As long as you know how, you wouldn't be a hassle." He seemed to be a little ashamed, so, I cheered him up through my words.

     As I arrived home, I was pondering in deep thoughts, remembering the importance of human life, that, I, should learn to sacrifice, for every reason I can find.

The End

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