Visiting the Academy

     Three days after what happened in the woods, I decided to visit the Academy once in a while. Well, there were a lot of changes after the five years of my studying years there. Still, my old teachers were still there, not even a single one left the academy.

     I was a scholar there, since I performed good and marked the highest during the knowledge and experience test. Since then I was more determined to study, that I was able to apply it until my present life.

     I was known there, especially to the students there since I was the best in the Academy during my time. I was walking through the hallway seeing the students taking a combat training on the left, and a warming exercise session on the right. Then, I saw my old mentor, Equous, teaching in the combat training. I approached him. As he noticed me, he greeted me. "Ace of Spades! My best student! What led you here?" "Just taking a visit, I want to see how things are going on these days. It has been five years eh? Nothing changed. Still the good, old Academy!" "It's still like that after all."

     He led me to where the other mentors are. While I was recalling my experiences here.


The End

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