A walk in the woods

     There's no work for today. I decided to take a walk in the forest. When I got near the heart of the forest, I saw a wounded hunter. Unconscious, laid against a big tree, with many scratches from claws and bites from sharp teeth. It  seems to be that a bear attacked him.

     I went to take a look on him, I thought that it would not be safe to take him back to the nearest village yet, it would be hard if a wild animal attacked us on our way back.

     Good thing I know how to make use of herbs, roots and plants as medicines, I learned and mastered those when I was on my survival training in my old academy.

     I was able to make his wounds heal a little bit faster. At least I got some real and actual emergency experiences with my cousin three years ago.

    Again, importance of human life is what came out of my mind.

     The man got conscious. "Are you okay now?" I asked him "Yes, but still I can't walk fast." Then, a huge bear suddenly showed up roaring loud, going towards us very fast! "Go! Leave now! Save your life!" He cried out. I couldn't leave, I don't want to see a person die without me, doing nothing. I grabbed my sword,stabbed it with great force, leaving it dead, with no one ever harmed.

     We left fast. When we stopped for a rest, he asked me for my name, "Thank you Ace of Spades. I owe you a lot." He was filled with gratitude. As we left going to the nearest village.


The End

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