Importance of Life

     When you are in a war, yet someone is wounded and half dead, yet you know your life is important for many people, the kingdom where you served almost all your life, yourself, your family. Would you be able to save him, that if you do, you will die. I always ask that to myself, as a preparation to war.

     Really, if this were to occur to me, what would I do with it? I asked my friends about that, and the answer was summed up to only one main point, "Save myself, I am an important person, why should I save someone who is just a peasant!" Is the answer I usually get from them.

     But, when I asked my cousin, Jack of Spades, he said "Save that person from death, think of their family, future and himself! My importance is replaceable, but an existed human life will never be replaced."

     Those words moved me. Then I thought that being an Ace of Spades is replaceable, yet it is a shame to see someone dying, doing nothing about it. At least to die in protecting someone, is something to proclaim to the world! Or to simply put it, "To die with honor" it is. 

The End

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