How Windy Yeats Got Caught Up in Her Own Story

Windy Yeats is captured by a transdimensional being known as Zorr. The villain from the book she was writing. Before it's too late, an unlikely hero must stumble into the story to save Windy, and bring peace to the universe.

“Give it up, Zorr! You’ll never rule the universe! Not while I’m around.” The rugged young hero smiled proudly.

“No!” Zorr replied, clearly flabbergasted. “That’s not possible! You only exist in a single dimension! How can you be following me?”

“It’s quite simple, really. During your attack on Jandu 7, I was pulled in through the temporal vortex you created in the sky using the Boson Tether. Ever since then, I’ve been able to track your every move. Even as you constantly jump between dimensions. I will always be able to follow.”

Damn you!

Zorr aimed his Particle Eviscerator directly at Quillan, who dove out of the way just in time.

Somersaulting and backflipping through the air, Quillan landed beside Zorr, right before headbutting the villain, and knocking him to the ground.

“It’s over, Zorr! Any last words?” asked Quillan.

He stood over the fallen evil mastermind, majestically and akimbo with his Proton Cannon pointed at his head.

“O, you haven’t seen the last of me, Quillan Highmore. I will be back. Sooner or later, I shall have my revenge!”

Quillan prepared to fire, as the backgrounds of different dimensions flashed all around them; as Zorr travelled through time and space at terminal velocity, and Quillan held on.

Windy stopped writing for a moment, as the ink in her pen had finally run out.

“Oh, come on!” she said aloud.

She let out a heavy sigh, pulled out her chair, and went to retrieve a new pen.

Upon Windy’s return with a cup of coffee and a new writing implement in her hands, a vortex appeared in her bedroom, and the two foes Zorr and Quillan suddenly appeared. And though they moved through Windy’s dimension for only the briefest of moments, Zorr grabbed her by the ankle, and dragged her along.

Windy Yeats had disappeared.

The End

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