New World Order

The softness of the bed.... The white of the Ceiling... The sounds of trees swaying in the wind.

       James remembered everything he had been told. The revelations which changed everything for him, and yet.... he found his mind distracted by these little things. 

The door opened. 

"Jimmy!" James just had time to look up before a squeaking, red-headed girl swept him up in a back-breaking hug. "I'm so glad you're okay!" 

"arghhh" He mumbled, struggling to breathe. Then, as she loosened he grip "same!" his eyes locked with hers, "I thought... I thought"

"shushh!" she stopped him. "I'm okay, WE'RE okay!" She smiled as she sat beside him, the sunlight dancing through her copper hair, "James.... I've been told... things, I don't know whether they're true. I mean.... I know what happened with the lad at school was weird but..."

"It's alot to take in" He looked seriously at her, did they say why they took you?"

"yeah, it was all explained but... they CAN'T  do this! my family... James I know they think your something special but.... I can't just abandon my family, I have to get out of here."

" I know, and I'm coming with you." He shrugged "I'm not what these maniacs think I am"

She smiled again, and then suddenly jumped up as the door opened again.

It was the Doctor with the crazy hair.

"sooo" his accent was slightly Germanic " you are awake?"  

The End

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