The End of the Begining

“So… let me get this straight.” They were walking home three days after the accident. “We both helped a wounded child who miraculously recovers from horrendous wounds. Yet you’re the only one who gets an article in the paper titled: MIRICLE SCHOOL BOY SAVES THE DAY! They’re not lying when they say it’s a mans world are they?”
“Look Hannah. I never asked for them to write it” James snapped. For the past two days he’d been harangued by scores of people asking about what happened and he had as little idea himself.
“ooooh tetchy!” she laughed “I’m dieing I’m dieing! James! Mysterious magical medicine man! Save me!” He smiled at that.
“I don’t get it though Han! I didn’t do anything. I moved his arm, and Apparently I fixed it. He stopped bleeding and woke up. I didn’t do any magic on him. I didn’t wave a wand and shout things. I just, helped. I think he’s the mysterious one. I just got in the way.”
“well.. You do have that effect”
“what? Healing dieing school children?”
“No… getting in the way of Mysterious and wondrous things.. Why do you think I’m stuck with you? “
“HA bloody ha! It’s a good job I love you, or else I’d get you for that”
“ahaha you’re a funny guy James” she chirped “ you can’t do anything to me!”
“oh yeah! Really?!” She screamed as he rugby tackled her onto the grass and pinned her down, she tried to fight back but he was stronger and she was laughing too much to be able to concentrate.
“James! Stop! Im sorry! I give up! You win!”
They stopped rolling around, but he still kept her pinned with his legs.
“haha! Yes!” he looked down at her with a raised eyebrow “what do I get from winning?” he laughed
“this” she leant up and Pulled him down to her, and kissed him softly
“oh…. I like winning.” She smiled, and kissed him again, slowly this time and the sunlight reflected off her red hair in a dazzling display of light and dark. He gently stroked a lock out of her face only for it to immediately fall back in front of her green eyes. They both laughed and set to kissing again.

“It’s Getting dark” she whispered, after a long while. She was right. They were now sat together on a bench by the Church and the suns last orange glow was fading behind the hedgerows “ I don’t wanna go home though” Her pretty red lips made a mock sad face “don’t make me!”
“aww, neither do I Beautiful, but… we’ve got to. Com’on I’ll walk you home and then see you tomorrow”
“but but but but! Nooooooooo!” she stamped her feet like a toddler throwing a tantrum “Ill cry!” She looked up into his eyes and made them swell with tears. A practice picked up from drama class.
“oi! No that’s not fair!” laughed James. “come on. We have to go or……” his voice trailed off

“or what?” She looked up. All around them were shadowy figures. Completely encircling them. They all wore masks and were robed in black. James jumped up “ Hel.. He hello?! What do you want?
“James Turner?” the mask made the voice sound thin and mechanical.
“erm errr yeah. That’s me.. “
“you must come with us”
“what? Come with you where? Who are you?!”
“we’re here for your protection” said another, taller figure. As the circle of masked, hooded, dark-robed figures enclosed the two teenagers.
“my protection?” James’ voice was strongly curious now. “Protection from what?”
“Just come with us.” a new voice. A woman’s voice he thought “You will see. You need us. “
“I don’t need anything, and Im not going anywhere!.” He was struggling to keep the panic out of his voice now.
“please don’t make this difficult” this voice was almost at his shoulder. He spun to see they were just a few yards away now. An un-broken ring of blackness.
“Jaaames!” he turned again, one of the figures raised his arm and shot out a bolt of lightening which struck him square in the chest. He cried out, and collapsed. His body performing strange, impulsive spasms.
“Jaaaaaaaames!” Hannah shrieked and ran to his convulsing body “what’ve you done!? HEEEEEEEEEL…” her cry was cut off as another, broader, shape grasped her and covered her mouth
“be quiet!” it hissed “he’s only stunned.” but she was having none of it. She bit and kicked like a woman possessed.
“cannae we stun her and leave her?” A Scottish accent. “we’nae got na need of the lass”
“ No! she’s seen to much. She has to come with us” there was a murmur of dissent at that,
“what? To the Academy? You Can’t be serious! She’s a mute! And she’ll have family. Questions’l be asked." 
“Oh and questions won’t if we just take her Boyfriend and leave her?” A soft, drawling voice. Almost silky. Laced with sarcasm. “Legsy is right. We must take her.
“fine well hurry up! A right kerfuffle this has become and we’ve not even got started yet! He best be worth it.
“oh. He will be." 

The End

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