Mysteries of Medicine.

Dr Wilkins was intrigued. He had always been fascinated by what the human body could do, but this was something new. Something he’d never even heard of before let alone experienced. A young lad, Colin Freeman had been brought to the ER after being hit by a double-decker bus. To everyone’s amazement Colin walked in unaided rather than being wheeled in on a stretcher. He told everyone loudly that he was fine and wanted to go home. Dr Wilkins had handled the patient history but even that brought more questions than answers. “ so, you’re sure you’ve never broken your arm before? Absolutely positive?”
“yes he’s never broken any bone before” the boys mother confirmed. “He’s never really had any major injuries” The Doctor picked up an x-ray print and stuck it to the viewing board.
“This” he pointed “is your Sons arm. If you look here, at the Radius. These are marks that we’d associate with recently healed bone. That must have been broken at some point.” the mother shook her head. “No. It’s not possible. He’s never broken it. I‘d know! I’m his mother for petes sake!”

There were other mysteries as well. The boys blood pressure was normal. Despite losing around two pints not an hour before. He had no internal haemorrhaging and even his cuts and scrapes seemed to be clearing up. In short; The boy had improved. In medical terms about six months. In less than 5 hours. Astonishing didn’t even come close. With no solid medical evidence that anything was wrong, And an increasingly irate mother on the lose. Dr Wilkins was forced to discharge the patient at 12:47. A mere six hours after the twelve year old had been hit by the three tonne monstrosity. Nurses were already whispering about the “miracle boy” who walked into the ER demanding Crisps and chocolate when -by rights- he should have been comatose. He shook his head, and returned to work.

The next morning James Turner found himself wishing he was comatose. He was sat in Mr Carnegies regular, torturous English class. Dreading the moment when he collected in the assignments to find James’ was. As usual. Absent from the pile. The moment arrived. “Children” He cleared his throat to establish his usual routine and was about to begin collecting when there was a knock at the door. He disappeared through it for a moment then returned beckoning to James. “you! Boy! Outside. Your wanted.” he turned to the class “QUIET!” and the whispers that had broken out immediately ceased.

Outside, in the corridor James found the Head-mistress. An uncommonly kind but draconian woman deep in conversation with another, younger woman. In a short red dress, with a notepad. Instantly. She pounced. “so! James, I hear you were quite the little hero at that incident yesterday.” she smiled the sort of smile that you want to end with a brick. And James found himself repulsed by her Vulture-like manner. He’d already guessed she was a reporter by her Notepad. But her abruptness put him off-guard. “ errrm.. Well… Not really. I sort of bumped into him.”
“oh really? Do go on, tell me everything!” she flourished the last word almost as much as her arms and James found himself wishing he’d stayed in the class and got the shredding for missed homework. But it was too late. For nearly an hour she questioned him. He was surprised by how much detail she wanted about how he tried to treat the wounded boy. But gradually, intrigue began to overawe his annoyance at this pretentious woman and her questions as he established that Colin would be returning to school the next day. “But! Surely not. He must be massively injured?!” He protested.
“It would seem that Colin is made of a tougher constitution than one might expect Turner“. Interjected the headmistress. “Indeed. I believe he walked himself into the hospital”
“really!? Exclaimed the reporter-woman. “I’ll have a nosey round there then as well. thank you for your time dear“, She smiled the same, Infuriating smile at James and flapped off towards the entrance accompanied by the headmistress leaving James stood in the corridor. Thoughts chasing each other out of his head before they could fully form.

The End

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