A Brand New Day

“Wake up!” James awoke with a start, rolling groggily towards his bed-side table he looked at his alarm clock. 07:15. Damn! He’d over-slept, he was due in school in 45 minuets he thrust back the covers and stumbled out of bed.

A few moments later and he was sat at the breakfast table with a few of the other occupants of the house, all sipping coffee and rubbing tired eyes as the smell of bacon wafted from the open kitchen where Sarah was cooking with one hand and adjusting the tie of one of the younger lads with the other.
“Hurry up!” she called up the stairs as she manoeuvred herself, the Frying pan and the Bacon through the heaving mass of sluggish school boys with practiced ease and deposited a couple of slices upon each plate. “Now eat up lads, we’re running late as it is” The boys happily obliged and soon they were streaming out the door to head for their respective schools. James leading the usual group of Highcroft students picked up Along the way their usual friends and Hannah’s red hair engulfed James’ face as she crushed him with a hug. “finally awake then?! Lazy! I was texting you at half six and you never replied!”
“half six? Hannah? Who gets up at half six?”
“people who care about their appearance, unlike some certain others…”
“so not you then?”
“oi!” she laughed and used her tried and tested tactic of swinging her heavy school bag at his head. It connected and James stumbled back, still laughing as he crashed into a small lad, obviously a first-year and together they both careened into the road.

James; Still laughing, Turned to apologise to the boy, but. He was gone. he felt the air move alongside the three-tonne metal monster as it tore past him. He heard the screech of Brakes. The Thump of impact, gasps of horror at what, momentarily ago, had been a young, happy school boy. Time seemed to almost stop as James realised what had happened and tied to make sense of what his mind was telling him. The laugh still haunting his face he sprinted round to the front of the bus reaching the bloody mass which held the entire street transfixed with its sheer, horrifying presence. He grabbed an arm and gently tried to roll the boy over onto his back. There was a single, abhorrent, snap. A Girl screamed. Sirens were blaring in the distance, people whispering to each other. The sounds, which moments ago were completely unnoticeable came flooding back into James’ head as he felt the pulpy flesh searching for massive bleeds as he desperately tried to remember his short first aid lesson a few weeks earlier. He carried on rolling his hands over the shredded blazer, Suddenly it felt sodden. He ripped it open and was rewarded with a torrent of blood which spurted over his face. Half-blinded and now in absolute trauma, hands desperately searching for the bleed, he found it. He tore more strips off the blazer and held them tight to the Gaping wound as around him people began to react. Hannah appeared at his side, her pretty, Heart-shaped face contorted with nausea as she took over holding the rag. While James checked for anymore broken bones.

“James… James! JAMES! I think… I think… I think he’s gone. James, he’s stopped bleeding. It’s far too fast. Look!” He looked and indeed, the flow of blood had indeed slowed to a mere trickle. It was no longer gushing out. “I think his hearts stopped”
“I’ve got a strong pulse!” One of the passengers with her fingers at his throat declared “you two keep working!” James looked down at the boys face, It looked less…. damaged somehow. Peaceful. He looked almost asleep when he opened his eyes and blinked up at James’ blood smeared, traumatised and absolutely astounded face.
“where am I? What happened? Why am I on the floor?” He got no answer other than a sea of staggered faces. And a cry; “it’s a miracle!”
“I’m fine! He announced, rising to his feet and brushing off his shredded clothes ( a rather superfluous gesture). A woman in the crowd fainted. And the thoroughly confused paramedics dealt with her before huddling the boy- who’d since declared himself perfectly healthy and having the name of Colin - into the ambulance to be taken to the Hospital for tests and observation.

It took a long time for everyone else to come out of their transfixed state. But gradually they drifted away, slapping the occasional pat on the back to James and Hannah. And expressing opinions on what they had just Witnessed. Neither spoke as arrangements were made to take them both home they just stood. Confounded.

The End

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