The Academy

James Turner is an extraordinary Boy in an ordinary place. Little does he know his place in the world Until one day, His secrets are revealed to all. And James must disappear and work with an organization he could of barely imagined. yet, not everyone is friendly. And his enemies are on his tail.

A wise man once said, "The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going" But; do we ever truly know where we are going? Everyday is a new adventure and every moment is unlike any that have gone before it. Each second that we exist is another second in which something extraordinary, something Unique has come to pass. This illus…..

James Turner stopped. He knew his essay was already doomed to the depths of yet another E grade and just couldn’t bring himself to write anymore dribble that would see more letters being delivered to his carers. Rather they got a letter saying he hadn’t tried than tried and failed. Besides; John and Sarah would be too busy with all the other kids to worry about his failings.

James Lived In a large house known to all and sundry as “stonewall” it was once a mansion built by some rich land-lord who had more money than sense, and hence; it was garnished with a series of stone walls, towers and gatehouses. James thought it looked like a cross between a Prisoner of war camp and Hogwarts. It was ironic really thought James as he flicked his thumb Idly. It was a care home for orphaned children with the single aim of releasing them into the world with foster parents and yet, It looked so terrifying and inescapable. He smiled at the thought.

“What are you laughing at?” the voice cut through the silence of the exam hall like a dagger through cobwebs. Smooth, sleek, refined. Yet… Strangely treacherous like there were a thousand threats behind each politely toned word.
“Sir?” James looked up at the owner, Mr Carnegie who’s long, black hair matched his voice exactly.
“I said, what are you smirking at?" He rose from his chair at the front of the hall and swooped down to rest his hands on the edge of James’ desk. "Mr Turner?”
“Nothing sir, just.. Thinking”
“less thinking and more writing boy! If you hand me anything half as disastrous as last time you’ll be writing an essay a week!”
“yes sir, Sorry sir” James felt sick. Both knew this essay would be nothing like acceptable. And Silently cursed himself for not listening in the hours of English lessons as his tutor strode back to his seat. He looked at his watch. Another hour to go. He slumped down to his page and began writing.

“How’d the exam go?” Hannah’s face appeared at his shoulder.
“terrible. What d’you expect? I’ve failed every English assessment since year 7.”
“come on! Don’t be like that, all good things must come to an end!” she smiled at him as his face remained impassive and she punched him lightly on the shoulder. He carried on walking.
“oi! Miserable sod!” she jibed “Smile for once it can’t be that bad. After all, you could be going home to three sisters arguing over who’s wearing which dress to my aunts wedding”
“yeah… “ smiled James “but your sisters are fit.” That brought another punch. Harder this time. As she breathed a sigh of mock-horror,
“cheeky! I thought I was the best looking one!”
“ I only say that so you’ll buy me food” James laughed as he ducked another swing and together they ran up the path through stonewalls gate with him dodging each swing of her school bag.

“okay, okay! Quits now!” James crashed into the front door after a particularly, well-aimed blow. “come on, let’s get some food, stay here for a bit” he said, opening the door with a wink “and then you can let me copy that History essay”

The End

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