Matt Hiro- the Scraphling

Attending school at The Academy sucks. people are always trying to prove that their witchcraft/ sorcery/ spells are the best, that they will not be shoved around. this sort of mentality introduced an interesting result: The Prank.

The Prank is an unofficial contest hosted by the students (behind the teachers backs as much as possible) where students compete (either by themselves or in a team) annually for the title of "Maestro"- basicaly top dog. the contest goes year round, but there are some basic rules:

1. the prank must be original

2. the prank must be recorded on a non-bewitched device

3. you are automatically disqualified if you get caught

the student body has a secret network- thanks to some students years ago- where the videos get posted and students can vote for the best one. the closing date of the contest is a month before the end of the term, so that there is ample time for people to log in and vote.

i had just gotten out of a detention with Ms. Pritfalld (witch!) because i had allegedly hung her cat (which has been dead for several years now) from the bell tower on top of the girls' dormitories- i have to admit, i was impressed with myself that people considered me capable of such a feat.

i didn't do it, and had to submit a memory sample to prove it. memory samples are the teacher's favorite method of learning all the embarrasing secrets about their charges- it's basically a past thought pattern they can access using some sort of spell that works on all three classes of magic-weilding people.

i swing the door wide open with a Push Spell that first years learn before they even come to school. Since i'm seventeen, in my third last year here, I'm allowed to use basic magic outside of class hours.

studying the cobblestone top step as i walk, I run fullout into a girl. and not just any girl, the newbie from my class, the weird one with purple eyes that glow from time to time. and man is she pissed.

"Watch where you're going, you Scraphling" she snarls, as she tries to shove past me.

i easily block her attempts to pass, "and where are we going this fine autumn day?" i ask, trying to strike up a conversation. the guys are all betting on whether or not she's a virgin, and if she's a witch, spell caster, or sorceress. i'm personally hoping for sorceress, sothat she won't be in any of the wizarding classes with me- she's intense and has a death glare that would kill the sun if she really tried.

She glares at me, her glowering purple eyes glowing,  "WE are going nowhere. YOU are going to have a faceplant really soon if you don't get out of my way."

"and why would i do that?" wow is she a cat- she's practically hissing now.

"Because I am not in the mood for you or your stupid pranks or any other part of you."

i cock an eye brow. she snarls in disgust, places her left palm on my chest and pushes- hard. i go flying down the steps, with barely enough breath to wheeze out an air spell so that the wind catches me. i land flat on my back, hard, despite my evasive maneuveres. my chest hurts, as does my back, but nothing is broken- luckily. "I didn't get a faceplant," i called.

"I'll just have to make sure to give you two next time then," came the angry reply

i look up just in time to see long black hair whip about and walk through the door of the administration building. not through the door FRAME,  through the door, as if it wasn't even there.

"definitely spellcaster" i murmer as i peel myself from the lawn. i walk, with a slight limp, pondering our conversation before speaking aloud, "What in the name of sorcery is a 'Scraphling'?"

a thought suddenly enters my head, and i know it's not mine- "You" it whispers.

i spin about, searching for the speaker. my eyes fall upon a first floor window, where glowing purple eyes are staring at me.the drapery falls and she disappears.

The End

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