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The young man staring at the photograph leaned back into his ergonomic chair, muscular arms settling back into the armrests, a slight smile of content played across his typically stoic features.

“Computer?” he asked in a firm and commanding voice, strangely devoid of any regional accent. “Send a message ahead to the crew at the hanger. I want to be wheels within the hour.” He said with finality, finally allowing the smile to twist his mouth into a shape it obviously wasn’t in often, as shown by the strange twitches that practically asked ‘is this how to smile?’. The brief display of emotion was quickly suppressed as the young man quickly pivoted in place in the chair, swinging his sinuous, corded legs over the side of the chair and standing up in one smooth motion. He had taken a step almost before his feet had even hit the cold linoleum floor, giving his movement a visually awkward but functionally smooth edge. When he reached the steel door to the room, he opened it by placing his hand on an unapparent scanner, grabbing a manila folder with his freehand. Red, White, and Blue Boy had made his move, now it was time for Constantine Paxton to make his.

The End

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