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 After just a few moments the screen no longer depicted CNN’s view of Red, White, and Blue Boy, instead it was a display taken from one of the young man’s various computer hard drives, showing several different pictures of other young men and women, each picture of varying quality. The young man twisted his right hand and made as to stretch the picture out with both of his hands. The screen now showed a picture of another young man, this one taken from a surveillance camera the young man in the swivel chair had installed himself. The picture showed a young man, 23 years old, walking out of an alleyway between two brown, brick buildings in a New Jersey suburb. Even at the awkward angle the picture was taken from, it was obvious that the man pictured was tall, a list of statistics about the young man, Sebastian Thorne, to the right of the image showed that he was six foot six, giving more perspective to the fairly high quality picture. Sebastian was looking over his shoulder, as if checking for anyone who may have seen him step out of the darkened alley, his right hand was stuffed into an interior pocket of his black leather jacket, he was clearly trying to quickly shove something out of sight within his jacket. His face was chiseled and long, the partially tanned skin drawn taut over his strong cheekbones, the eye which was turned toward the camera was partially obscured by his ebony hair, which was being jostled by a gust of wind.

The End

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