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Now he felt so many different wrenching emotions, so many different gut instincts, that internally he was fighting a breakdown. No one had ever planned for something like this. Hopkins had no idea what the next ten minutes would hold. He couldn’t even predict what could happen in the next ten seconds. The sound of the gunshot had made his heart stop, but seeing a man just floating in the air, not twenty feet away from the leader of the United States, that had made Hopkins wonder if he’d ever have a normal heart rate again.

Hopkins flashed his identification as he ran up the steps to the podium where the President stood, a superfluous gesture; it wasn’t as if anyone was looking at him or anything. When Hopkins reached the President and put both of his hands on the President’s shoulders, ready to direct the leader away to safety at a moment’s notice, he finally let himself look at the spectacle that held everyone else’s attention. The speech the President had been making was intended to change the vote of a few swing states, but what Hopkins saw now, what he and the various camera crews from multiple news stations were focusing on, that would change the entire world. Hopkins shifted his view back to the face of the President, a dignified and intelligent looking man with graying hair and slightly tanned skin that reflected his Asian heritage, Hopkins noticed that the man’s mouth was ever so slightly open in awe, his eyes wide, his entire face unable to hide the awe with which he beheld the man flying before him.

The End

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