Chapter 1: Here to HelpMature

In a world not unlike our own, a cast of characters comprised of a shapeshifter, a sorceress, a mask wearing brawler, a literal goddess, the best human specimen, and a man more powerful than anything the world has ever seen before, must contend with a cult hellbent on dismantling all of existence, a rebellious group of superhumans determined to have their own way, and the darkest repercussions of their own choices.

The infrared scope of a high-powered sniper rifle created a disorienting kaleidoscope of colors as it was spun around hastily, the settings on the sides vacillating from setting to setting as gloved fingers twirled it quickly to latch it onto place on the long, sleek barrel of the darker than black weapon. Footsteps fell in silence all around the sniper, as an entire team of men, identically outfitted in black body armor complete with tightly packed protective ceramic pants and vests, meticulously set up an outpost on the airy roof of a bland, beige building approximately 1017 meters from the American President’s celebratory speech on the steps of the Lincoln memorial. The silent snipers kept at their work, two men on each side of the roof facing the memorial quickly pulled out semi-transparent silver colored screens of flexible material and extended the sheets on black support rods, finally plugging the base of each two pronged support rods into one central briefcase, which one man quickly stooped down to in order to flip the top of the case up, showing that the case stored a deceptively simple machine. With one touch of one of the two buttons in the case, the screens immediately drew very taunt with an air-slicing hiss, slightly sizzling as the screens changed from a translucent silver to a hard phalanx of hexagons, each the color of steel. The inside of the screens showed only the strong pattern of hexagons, but the mercenaries protected by the thin screens knew the outside was now perfectly reflecting the view from behind the team, the edge of the other rooftop.

The End

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