the evil has awokenMature

we got up the next morning and instantly got flung down the stairs that felt like an invisible push, our parents already awake looked at us in suprise and we lied and said we wrestled each other down the stairs then we hurried with eating our breakfast and went upstairs to the attic and we talked to the ghost which zadane still thought was freaky we told him of the situation this morning and he said he thought it was unusual as they had never pushed people down the stairs then zadane fainted yet again and i waited with him again the ghost disappeared. zadane had just woken up so we went on the landing and suddenly a ghostly hand raised a gun and shot zadane our parents heard the gunshot and looked at us then went away. i took a piece of materiel off my shirt and removed the bullets then my hand waved over his stomach automatically and i healed him then i tied the fabric round the wound he woke up and thanked me. it was later on that we felt the presence of some really powerful spirits. we was just on the sofa watching tele when i got slapped round the head and punched in the stomach i ran upstairs so did zadane we both got hit that time and i healed zadane and then he healed me we got up only to find writing on the wall telling us to get out but we stayed and decided to do a seance so we waited till night then we got the table and the stuff we then tried to do it and the ghosts came but they knocked us unconcious so we layed there till morning when we got called down for breakfast our heads hurt and we took some painkillers then had some breakfast we enjoyed that and decided to get out the house we went to the park which was also haunted according to the gossip and we sat there with chips in our hands and we ate them but then we heard someone calling and looked to the side to see a ghost calling for a girl maybe a daugter and the girl came and they left together we stared at them suprised then the man ghost turned our way and thanked us for helping him find his long lost daughter i smiled and said that was okay. then we came back and we wondered to ourselves why had we been landed with these powers and then we looked on the internet and we found out that we were rare creatures and we turned the laptop off then we both fainted and we was woken up by a shaking hand we looked up and saw our friendly ghost we talked to him about this and he said that the evil had truly awoken now and that we should have gone when we had the chance which we said no to and told him we was staying

The End

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