the abondonded castleMature

its about this castle that is old and abondoned and a new family has just moved with no idea of what is going to happen now that their here and an evil has finally been awoken

one day there was an old abandoned castle where there had been no residents in the castle for quite a while and my family had just moved in not knowing why all the residents had left and also what we didn't know was that things were going to get a whole lot worse. we spent the day unpacking and we had just finished and we went to bed as it late in the evening me and my brother went into bed in our rooms. i was fast asleep when zadane came rushing into my room shouting at me, i woke up and he said that he had seen a ghost in his room i said that he looked like a ghost then he told me it was serious so i went into his room with him and also saw the ghost he said hello to me i said hi back, then zadane fainted and i put him in his bed and i watched over him and the ghost told me about the history of this house and why all the residents left i told him that it didn't bother me and zadane. zadane woke up and i told him what the ghost had said he was so scared and tried to escape but i cuddled him and he ended up moving into my room with me. the next morning we was having breakfast when we all heard a creaking on the stairs. zadane looked terrfied, i said that i would go look, zadane came with me and we went to the bottom of the stairs there was nothing there, we turned away and i felt a ghostly hand on my shoulder so i turned back and there was a ghost standing in front of me, me and zadane looked at each other then at the ghost the ghost called sam talked to us, said sometihng bad was about to happen in the tower across the way from the castle he said it was still ours though then he just disappeared and we rushed back into the room and told our parents what had happened and what the ghost said they didn't believe us me and zadane remebered what the ghost had said "it will happen sooner than you think and its not good to be in disbelief.", then zadane fainted i caught him and waited for him to awake. our parents didn't know that we were magical that when we disappeared last year that we came back different we were the undead. zadane woke up and i gave him some food and water then we went upstairs together and redocorated our rooms we was finished faster than we thought we would be and we went downstairs for some lunch then we cuddled on the sofa and we watched a movie while our parents went out for the night we had coke and popcorn. we went to bed after the movie and didn't hear our parents walk in hours later we was zonked out.

The End

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