The Abducted: thatswimmergirlMature

How would it feel to taken from your home? How would it feel to be seperated from family and friends? How would it feel to have nothing the walls that surround you but pictures of the man that put you through all this? Ask Hannah. She knows the pain you would suffer.
Listen to Hannah tell you all the gruesome details of what it would be like, how she escapes, and the pain of life afterwords.

Chapter One:

I didn't believe in love. I knew something so "simple" could also be so hard to find. It was unrealistic, impossible, and my desire for it was overwhelming. I searched everywhere. I had hand examined almost every square inch of my neighbor hood. I was declined to go and further then that from me being only fourteen years old.
Every night I dreamed of romance movies and love at first sight. I couldn't escape- or be saved from this god awful prison of doom, swallowing millions of people every waking moment.
I had been known for my visionary imagination of seeing the good in everything, and everyone. But for a broken heart, there just isn't anything I can do or say that won't make it seem any less pathetic than it already is.
Broken hearts, they take months to recover, years of flashbacks and amazing memories shared with the soul-mate. I had once wished I would be the one to break hearts and occasionally glue them back together. But once a heart is broken, you might loose that other half. You may loose it for the rest of your life or until you finally have the courage to ask out your secret crush. And the only thing you can possibly blame for a broken heart is, obviously, love. Love ruins many people's lives, puts them in depression and in some cases, causes suicide.
So why am I so intrigued to it? Why do I get so happy in a love scene of a romantic movie? Why do I always gasp when I turn a corner, secretly hoping I will see my true love, and know right then and there he was the one?
Love is like my fused cigarette replacement. My addicted drug that I refuse to go to rehab for. Love is what puts me in trances that are inescapable.
And I know that someday, I will find my Romeo or my Justin Timberlake. And who knows, maybe it could be soon or far away. Maybe it will be love at first sight. But let’s all just hope that guys never cheat, lies, or messes up my life. For his sake.

That was my theory long ago. But love can't be real. I am eighteen now. I'm a woman. I know that if any of that was true, it would've happened by now.

The End

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