It Rolls in from the Sea

The Speaker. The Speaker is coming.  I will not tell Koso, not yet.  I do not know the name of the Speaker, though I know that she is a woman.  She rose to power with the new power, with the new king, and she lives with Ilene, but has no connection with the god.  She lives with Ilene! 

I cannot feel anything but cold hatred, sheer jealousy for this woman.  She has everything in her hands, but does not take it.  She lives with Ilene, but has cut her people off from the God.  I only want to be with my God, that is all I ask.  The Speaker could have every joy, but chooses nothing. 

I cannot tell Koso.  He would not allow her peace.  I do not know that I even can, but I will try at civility.  She cannot be coming to the public, she cannot be announcing herself, for she would be attacked.  The people would destroy her, and I would not even blame them. 

These strangers have brought news and change, and there is something more.  I do not trust them, for wispy, intangible reasons.  Yet I would swear that they have a connection with the miserable state of things.  Real change and real heartbreak are on the air.

I leave my doubts at the Porthouse, where they will be waiting tomorrow.  At home, the rooms are dark and silent.  My mother is already asleep, closed away in her section of the house.  I did not eat much today, but in the kitchen I find a full bowl of oatmeal with a spoon waiting beside it.  It is cold.  I eat it anyway.  Night has fallen. 

The End

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