The day is lost, I fear.  You are too far gone, too far from the public mind.  The children grow up without knowing Ithan’s name, without being told of our horror.  It may be a wrong to stir hatred, but I die watching the stir of apathy.  Do not throw yourself over those cliffs yet, though.  Wait for me.  People have begun to forget, but times have changed since you have gone.  The City does not forget, though She mostly keeps your burden close.  She can still taste the blood on her tongue, and She must be sickened.  I am, though the pain has faded, this separation is such a different horror.  There has been no singing since you have gone, no praising in the streets or wonder of our World.  I will not allow this.  I am not perfect, I am not devout, but there is no longer life here.  The terror stripped it away.  We are being watched, those of us who lost someone.  I can feel it sometimes, a sweep across my consciousness, and part of me wants to call out for them.  Don’t worry for me, I am not stupid.  You maybe were, a little, but love stupid is different, necessary.  Let me warn you once, here.  Do not die for love.  Forget that it is selfish, and save yourself.  I do not ask for me, but for others.  We will need you, I am sure.  This state of neglect and missing shall not be forever.  There is a secret- the gods are not all-powerful.  Remember this, remember me, remember your fight.  Do not die, do not become too old.

Love always,


The End

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