Chapter 1

While Annie and Abbey's mother snatched up the phone and contacted the neighbors, their father, Glenn, took the car around the neighborhood.  Abbey looked for clues around Annie's room, inside the rest of the house, and even in the backyard.  There were no footprints obviously, but there were no other signs either, whether Annie had dragged herself away or found some other means of transportation.  Abbey questioned all the partygoers, but none of them had seen her.

Abbey wasn't immediately frightened, but it was certainly curious that a paraplegic disappear without a trace and without the use of her wheelchair.  Annie had grown distant since the accident, and Abbey supposed she understood, but Annie also needed to know that Abbey was there for her, too.

She looked up and asked the group, "You've all got your cells then?"

Everyone nodded.

"All right.  Let's fan out and do some exploring.  Go in groups of two, and make sure you don't get split up.  Keep in touch with your phones, and everyone... be safe, huh?"

They all agreed and began pairing off to search for Annie.  Abbey cornered cousin Tyler by the back porch and asked him to be her "Buddy."

"Me?" asked the college sophomore.  He stood six-two and looked every bit the wrestler that he was.  He and the twins had always gotten along all right but had never been close.  He looked honestly surprised that Abbey would pick him.

"Sure.  We're going down to the pond and I might need your strong jock body."

Tyler smirked, "For what?  To fight bears?"

Abbey shook her head seriously, "I hope not."

Tyler called after her, "Hey, I was kidding!" but his sixteen year-old cousin was already at the back fence.  She gave no indication that she might be kidding.  He jogged to catch up.

The End

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