The AA twins

In the small town of Georgia, lived Annie, Annie was paralysed after an accident. The accident was a car crash wasn't that major and no one knew how the accident had made Annie paralysed.

She spent her time in a wheelchair. She had been in a wheelchair for four and a half years, however today she was going to the hospital because she had feelings in her legs and she had to go and physio.

She went to the hospital with her parent & twin sister Abbey. As she was going into the room she felt something in her leg but soon that feeling was gone. A tall, dark tanned guy came in, the physio and she told him she felt the pain again. He asked Annie some questions but Abbey answered them because as she felt the pain as well. Annie also suffered some brain damage and that is why she couldn’t describe the pain she felt. When Ben was helping Annie exercise her legs she didn’t feel anything. The physio who was called Ben told Annie and her family to call him if she got any sort of feeling in her leg again.

5 months later and the feelings in Annie’s legs didn’t come back, she thought she felt something but it was what she wanted to happen, she wanted feelings in her legs. Her family and friends knew it wasn’t going to happen. She still kept on praying, hoping and wishing. It was soon going to be her and Abbey’s 16th birthday, the girls were preparing for their party and their mates and cousins were invited, it was going to be a no adult party. Annie was a very clever teenager like Abbey before the accident but after the accident she was really behind and she couldn’t catch up with her work because she was flashlight brain damaged. She wanted to be the clever teenager she once was but she couldn’t.

The twins 16th birthday arrived but Annie was no where to be seen but her wheelchair was beside her bed, her parents started to panic but Abbey knew she was safe. Abbey couldn’t figure out why her wheelchair was their because Annie could never walk again.


The AA twins

The End

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