The 7 Year Old News

What would happen if news stations were ran by little children? I'm prepared to find out...

Rosa put the TV on to watch the morning news. As always, Jane and Bill were on. Two seven year olds, ready to present the local news. Rosa sighed and opened her crayon box to draw. Being president of the news station, she probably should be there, but she could care less.

“Good morning,” Bill began, “we have some interesting news for you today. Let’s skip ahead to the wee-”

He turned away, forgetting that his mic was on. Bill stuttered, “Uh Jane? I can’t say that word. How do you say it? I don’t know.” In the background, you could hear Jane murmuring the word weather; she was smart enough to cover up the mic. Also heard was the laughter of the others. Who knew that the reporter couldn’t pronounce weather?

Bill began, “I meant to say, lets skip to the wea – nope, um the wether – no um, you know what, let’s go to a break.” Before the screen clicked to an ad, Rosa heard Bill, “How in the world do you say that word? Jeez.”

Rosa shook her head and laughed, maybe she should have gone in today.

The End

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