How long before you forget?

It is a cold Sunday morning. Frosty windows and snow outside. I sit by the heater, wrapped up, warming my toes and hands while sipping hot chocolate. It always sounds cool in narratives to sip hot chocolate if you are young, nostalgic and cute. You sip alcohol only if you are old or depressed.

So here I sit, by the heater, sipping hot chocolate. A knock on the door and I stumble past the heavy blankets to peek out of the door, allowing a draft of cold air to sweep through the warm house.

It is her. She stands at the doorstep. Jacket. Cap. Her pretty blue eyes stare at me through her locks of brown hair. Beautiful, even as she tries to control her shivering. With the snow in the background, she seems almost angelic.

She has gloves on her hands, and she holds a card, which she pushes at me until I accept. And then she turns around, and runs away. I watch her run, until she's far away. I close the door and walk back to my warm room. The card in my hand smells of her perfume. Lilacs. Like the scent of lilacs in full bloom. Almost like the scent of spring.

I sit by the heater and open the card. It is long and personal. An account of our lives. It talks about the first time we met, about how we fell in love. About the night I wooed her. About the great times we had ..... And it ends by telling me that she leaves me now, because she no longer loves me.

I shut the card, and walk to my bedroom. She is in my bed, warm and cozy. A gorgeous body under the sheets. Hot and sexy. I watch her move under the blankets. Her eyes, green and enigmatic are open and she is looking at me. Her long slender hands beckon me.

I get under the blankets and kiss her. And then I kiss her a little more passionately and soon I forget everyone. (Or at least I did until I narrated this aloud.) The girl who's door I stood and professed my love to a long time ago. Another girl who now runs away from me, betrayed and battered. My head feels heavier. A few minutes later, as I climax, I push away from the girl who lies under me and stare at the ceiling. Numb. Tired.

Lying inert, I can feel someone trying to cuddle up to me. I close my eyes and think.

Finally. Time for some alcohol.

The End

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