The 5 Evils

A rant I wrote a few months ago that I thought would serve as a good introduction to a story about people and how everybody plays by the rules of manipulation and deception. A sort of social commentary.

If there's one thing I've figured out, it's this: There are no solutions. There can be an end to a conflict, or a way to avoid certain disaster, but solutions are a myth. Finding a solution means actively doing something to make sure that a certain thing does not happen again, will not happen again, or to actually fix a problem. Finding a solution means working for something both you and someone else wants to accomplish. No one here wants to work for anyone else. Everyone always has only their best interests in mind, and the rest of the world is either an obstacle or a pawn. No, there are no solutions in high school, just people.

They all get away with what they do, too. Everyone is an actor. Even if they've never touched a script in their entire life, the halls of this school are a stage. Everyone has costumes, everyone has lines, everyone has entrance and exit cues. It is all beautifully combined into the biggest, most deceiving piece of art you will ever see. And they all play their parts so well. They pretend to be exactly what they have to be to get what they want.

You play nice to get money and nice things from people. (An exchange commonly known as trust.) You play troubled to get attention. You play evil to remove people from your path. You play shy to steal. Everyone has a main part and everyone stands in the background. And all at the same time, everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs.

 There are a few common factors - a main theme connecting the greedy, if you will: Sex. Attention. Revenge. Money. Success. Everyone is driven by these Five Evils. Everybody wants them and everyone is willing to destroy anything to get them. Some people want one of them, some people want all of them. But everyone wants something...

The End

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