Making Progress

I'm making progress, not knowing how many days left i've got. I am looking around the rooms of the house as I make my way to the stairs. I come into a room and there's loads of ropes on the ceiling. But then I notice whats on one on the ropes. A dead body, I can sense the excrutiating pain these people must have gone through. I leave that room and go into the next. Not much better, more ropes with peoples names on them. It's absoloutly ridiculous when you think about how many people have gone through this. But I hope I dont end up like these people.

I stopped looking in all the rooms and come to the stairs, but a peice of paper is on the door. " What gets wetter as it dries", a riddle. I am thinking long and hard and then it comes to me. "A towel" But then all I hear is "well done". And the door unlocks. I'm so relieved to have got this right. I start going down the stairs. I can only smell the unbelieveable stench of blood. Which is when a carcus falls in front of me. I jump, then look up.

It's the same eyes I saw when the man got killed by the wood. Its him, he said "You're doing good but you wont make it". And he said one more thing. "There are more people here". I'm thinking whether he's telling the truth. But I carry on.


The End

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