The game begins

Im terrified at the note but instead of sitting here and worrying about the near future and if im going to die. I should start moving. This last half hour has been nothing but silence and fear of the unknown. I see something at the end of the hallway, a human.

I call out the words "excuse me", he sees me, he makes a jet propelling sprint for me. He looks so happy to see me but then a big plank of wood comes out of the wall and pierces his chest. Now he is stuck against the wall, the first thing I see is the blood shooting out of his chest. He says "I no who is doing this to us, his name is" but then I hear an all mighty bang, and he dies. I look up to find the source of this and I see a hole in ceiling. The barrel of a gun and bright eyes are in it. And all I hear is "I told you I was watching".

I know that that’s going to scar me for life but likewise, I carry on. I cant stop thinking about what just happened, I carry on down the hallway and see the first staircase. But before I go down I go back down the hallway and check what’s in the mans pockets. their is a handgun is in his pocket. And then I go down the first flight of stairs.

The End

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