The 4th floor

I woke up, I scan the room. Nothing but severed bodies and blood stained walls. No one else alive here, I guess I’m next. Two men come into the room, they are wearing white cloaks and masks. The cloaks are covered in blood and then one of the men talk to me. "I want you to see something" he said, and then I look to the corner of the room, and I see what they have in stock for me.

I am horrified at the sight of a tree shredder, I see them walk over to it and push the last remains of some legs into it. I see the door, and sprint. NOW I’m in pursuit, the two men are closing in on me. I'm close to the door, I think I’m going to make it, and I do. I'm so relieved that I made it. I'm constantly looking behind me at the two men. I'm making distance from them and I’m thinking how lucky I am to escape. But then my luck ended.

I bumped into a third man with a white coat and a mask, but this man has a baseball bat. He swings, and hits me. I woke up, looked around, and realised I’m in a house. I look down and see a note on my knee. It says "You are currently on the 4th floor of this house. You have three days to get out. If you do, then you're free. But if you don’t, I will release the ghosts and they are not to friendly. P.S I’m watching you’re every move as we speak, I’ll turn up from time to time. If I don’t kill you, the ghosts will.


The End

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