New Eyes

I didn't know what had happened. I just remembered some sort of conscience returning to me.

It felt like all those hours, days, of nothingness were being given back to me, and my senses were in overdrive, telling me things that I never believed possible.

I lay very quietly and just savoured this moment of enlightenment. It felt like in this point of time that I was learning more about everything then I had in all my fourteen years.

I could feel everything on my skin; where there were dust particles settling, dirt under my nails, every hair on my arms... The sensation was almost a tickling sensation. I just wanted to laugh.

The smell around me was almost intoxicating. The same dust was such a curious smell, as for the scent of the nature around me. I swore I could have lay and smelt that forever. The rich, moist earth, mixed with the leaves and animal scents...

There was silence around me, but I felt I could actually hear the earth. The gentle and controlled footsteps of some animal-

Just then I occured to me that I had never felt like this before. I hadn't felt or smelt dust. I hadn't smelt animal tracks or heard an animal that was miles away. So, why was I now?

Then it hit me; I may be hearing things so far away, but why wasn't I hearing my breathing, my heartbeat?

I sat up so violently that it took me a second to gain my balance. I then very slowly opened my eyes.

If I could have heard my heart, it would have spluttered. The scene infront of me was very ordinary. I was in a wood, just like the ones outside of Rome, and it was nighttime. I could tell it was night by the silver light. How I knew the light was silver, I didn't know. I just knew it was.

But what took my breath away was the sight. In the trees, I could see every ridge and line; in the leaves, every vein.

A droplet of water sent the moonlight into a sparkle of different colours. I had never seen anything so beautiful. Every colour was more bright and distingisable then in the brightest sunlight.

"You won't ever see sunlight again."

The End

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