In The Beginning

My eyes clouded over as my contemplation took another turn. One I didn't really want. In my mind, I watched the last days of my life...

I stood in the sparkling sunshine, listening to the gentle bubbling of the fountain in the garden. My new jewels glittered and blinded me. I was deep in thought.

"In the name of Zeus, how did you manage to get yourself into this mess, Claudia?" I asked myself, swearing with my native gods, but using my new name. My Roman name. I had more or less managed to rid myself of the habit of refering to myself with my Greek name, Alexandra, but not yet of my gods. I worshipped both sets.

I shoved these thoughts violently out of the forefront of my mind; my looming, and dooming, wedding was more important. All I wanted was to be free. Not married, that was almost as bad as being a slave. We slaves we're badly treated, we had everything we needed, we could socialise, marry... But I was so used to a high level of living that being a roman slave was not good enough for me. Roman slaves were in the best situations, however badly they were treated. Because the Romans had some sort of humanity. And because we outnumbered them.

The reason I was getting married was because of this greed. A freedwoman had told me that she had been freed by being extra nice to her master. However, I must have misunderstood her. You see, I thought I would have to seduce him into freeing me; she'd done the same. But her master loved his wife; mine didn't. In fact, mine was very interested in having a new one. And a beautiful, young, clever, Greek girl like me was perfect. I just didn't know that.

So, he'd freed me. With a condition. We be married in a week.

He dressed me in jewels and silks, and made me mistress of what I used to be a servant of.

His name was Julius. And he was old. And fat. And a drunkard.

Basically, I was screwed. Unless I ran away. Like he'd been telling me too. And it was now or never.

My feet took me automatically into Julius' study.

"Hello darling." I purred. "Would you mind if I just popped out for a bit?"

I knew it was essential to ask his permission.

"Of course, my dear." He slurred. "Wherever you want. You just have to be in my bed tomorrow!""

His drunken laugh repulsed me, but I still forced myself to kiss his cheek, and I ran off.

"Wait! Where are you going?" Julius' son called. Funnily enough he was called Julius too.

"I-I.." I didn't like lying to Julius. He was a sweet boy. "Just to the shops. Don't worry, I'll be back."

The scene in my mind flowed swifted to the next part of the story.

It was nighttime, and the cold eyes of the angel stared at me steadily. His head was tilted to the side, as he watched and waited.

"Hmmm..." He sounded thoughtful, as though he was changing his mind. "You know, Ale- Claudia, I think I should be honest with you..."

His voice filled my head; it was so soft, and seductive.

"I was never going to marry you.." The words seem to cut through me like a knife, but a beautiful one, with an even sharper edge. "I was going to eat you." He conintued, still sounding like a God. "But, I've changed my mind... How would you like to be with me? Forever?"

"With you? Forever?" I choked. "Yes."

That's when the pain started.

The End

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