The 2000 Year Old 14 Year Old

This is a story about a (physically) 14 year old girl that is actually more then 2000 years old, because she is a vampire. Living constantly with hormones, and vampire fights and rules, is enough to drive anyone to the limit, but how does Claudia deal with it?

Once again I was kicking myself. Why, why, why in the name of Jupiter did I decide to visit them? 

It's hardly as though I was exactly normal, or at least as normal as you can get? Seriously... That was the problem with age. It made you, well, prefect. And perfection is in my eyes inperfection. But not in theirs.

"My Lady Claudia, I-I" The man by my feet stuttered. I hardly paid him any attention. "May I ask, I mean... offer-"

I sighed and rolled my eyes. In one fluid movement he couldn't even see, I unfolded my long legs gracefully and swept over to the window. Every being in the room turned their heads and held their breaths. At their reaction I simply sighed and rolled my eyes again.

"For the love of Venus! Will you stop doing that!" I cried, my voice vibrating through the deathly silence. I could see why they were so mesmerized by me. My clear voice cut the air like a knife, yet it was so musical, there were so many tones in it, that I knew a hypnotist would trade anything to have it.

"Just stop doing it. You know how I do things." The annoyance and anger in my voice made them all shrink into themselves. "I mean it, if you keep acting like this, all of you, I will not only leave, I might just rip your heads off too. Slowly."

It was hardly as though it made me anymore powerful, but I still liked making threats. People seemed to react more quickly and if not, I also enjoyed carrying them out. It made existance just a little bit more enteraining.

"Yes, of course. You heard her!" Julius' sharp voice boomed out. "You remove this piece of vemin right now!"

"Julius!" I flinted infront of the man. "Just because I don't want him doesn't mean he has to die!" I snarled, taking a animalistic, defensive stance infront of him.

Julius quickly checked himself and sat back down, with the air of being overruled by an equal. For this, I sent him a pair of evils that would have made a lesser being wet himself. But Julius always prided himself on himself.

The room was quiet at first but as I took my seat and continued staring into space, they continued to do as they had before; to dance, to flirt, to think about who they were aiming for...

I gave my head a shake and drew a quick breath through my teeth to block the different sensations, and my different senses, that were filling my head. I didn't care for their trivial thoughts and feelings.

My mind wondered and travelled through the centuries as I contemplated where I would go. One more night of this would be hell, but how to get away without being noticed...

The hours dragged on and I didn't even notice as I planned my escape.

The End

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