His ReflectionMature

 I could hear my mother's voice inside my head, yelling at me that it was time for a time out. My mother always made me write a reflection of what I did wrong, so here I begin. I should start in 1997 when I first set eyes on my favorite play toy. 

 I watched her for days, going to and from school. I had never been so attracted to a five-year-old before, but I knew I had to have her. I followed her everywhere she went until her last day of school. That day is when I took her. She was in the park with her babysitter and the minute the babysitter took her eyes off my prized toy, I took my chance. I walked up to her and gave her flowers. We talked for a minute and then I told her I had a surprise for her. She came with me, almost too easily, but she was mine. 

 I sat her in the passenger seat of my car, told her that the surprise was at my house, and I took her there. When we arrived, I showed her to her room I set up for her. There was a stuffed animal for each of the 105 days that I watched her. She was so happy that she gave me a big hug.

 I made her something to eat, told her that I would take her home tomorrow, and then tucked her into bed. She was always a perfect angel to me until she started to want to go home. That is when I started to play roughly with her. She left me no choice. I had to so she would play the game right. 


The End

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