His ReturnMature

 I make my way down the stairs for the fourth time today and see my darling toy all dressed up, just for me. "You are so beautiful," I say as I  continue down the stairs. "Please, stand up so I can get a better look at you." I took her hand as she rose and then stepped back to view my prized possession.  I took a long glance at her and then said, "You look perfect in that dress...but you will look better when I get it off of you." I could feel the fear building inside her and it made me feel powerful. I should have done this sooner. I reached for the key in my pocket as I kissed my toy's neck. I used the key to unlock the chain around her ankle and then began to lead her up the stairs. We reached the top of the stairs and as I placed my hand on the door, it swung open to reveal men holding guns to my face. I pushed my toy towards them and placed my hands behind my head. My play time with my favorite toy was over.

The End

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