The AbuserMature

 As I walked down the creaky stairs to the basement, I could see my favorite toy sitting in the corner. A blank expression was on her face, but I could still sense her fear. It is her 21st birthday so I brought her a gift, as I do every year. She receives her gift during my 3rd visit of the day. This year's present is a brand new metal baseball bat. I can't wait to see what breaks easier, her or the bat.

 I reach the bottom of the stairs and run my fingers over the bat, feeling the power pulsing through it. I walk over to my precious toy, kneel down, and lift her face so her eyes are level with mine. With a smile I say, "Happy Birthday, are you ready for your present?"

 "Fuck you." she whispered, angrily lowering her head.

 "Oh, you will later, my dear. You are old enough for me now. I'm going to have so much fun with you later on tonight. Now Answer my question! Are you ready?" I said with fake sincerity. 

 While covering her head, she responded, as I had taught her, "Yes, master. Anything for you." 

 I took a step back and took the first swing towards her. Again and again I slammed the bat, thudding with every strike, against her body. I didn't used to play with her so roughly, but she got used to it and stopped screaming and pleading with me. I had to be rougher with her because she wasn't satisfying me enough. 

 After the bat had enough dents in it, I knelt back down to my toy and wiped a tear from her cheek. "I'll be back for you later tonight. I'm going to make your birthday one that you will never forget." I explained. I dropped a short, black dress next to her and said, " Clean yourself up and put that on. You need to look good for me tonight. Tonight is going to be special for us both."

 I leaned down, kissed her forehead softly, and then made my way upstairs, leaving my broken toy to do as I had asked.

The End

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