The 100 year war take 1

The year was 2025 and a grate war had broken out
Between two clans these clans were knowen as the
scarlet fang and the crimson rose clans.

The Scarlet Fangs were relentless killer's whos leader
wanted nothing but the deth of the human race.
And the Crimson Rose Clan wanted to protect every
human that walked the earth.
The Crimson Rose Leader cared and heald dear to him
any thing human.

These two clan's have been at war for centuries.
The two leader's whom were once brother's born under
the blood moon both had diffrent belifes and ideas on
how there clans should be run.

So they parted way's sworn to become enimie's sworn to distroy
each other.
Whom am i you ask? Well let me tell you my story.
All awnser's come to those who wait.....

My name is Pandora i am the only living Daughter of the leader of the
Crimson Rose clan's leader Eathan. Like my Father and his astranged brother
i was born under the blood moon that was 28 year's ago .

But ill get to my Father later ......

It was Dark i look at my clock its half past 6 in the morning i slowly climb out
of bed and walk over to the dresser as per the norm my hair is a mess .
I stare in the marror at my pale skin my long white hair refuseing to do as its told
i tie it back into a pony tail hoping to restore it to order i stop and look once more my ice blue eyes
looking back at my slender figure.

I reach for my Black dress its long and covered in blood red lace its tight around the waste witch is to be
expected from this type of dress as its my birthday i have been requested to ware this to my birthday ball.
i quickly gather my wits and get dressed.

The End

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