The Rainman

A short story about a man trying to escape/outsmart the rain (which is a metaphor for all the bad things that keep happening in life)

For too long have I been trapped inside this prison of my own design. I had to get out. Simply watching the sun through a small window no longer sufficed. I started craving its warmth. Why I had chosen that particular day, I do not know. Maybe because it seemed perfect. The sun was shining in such a way, that it was neither too hot, nor too cold. I did not watch the forecast. I've long since stopped trusting them. Maybe that was my mistake, or it all might have been a mere coincidence. 

I got out, and went nowhere. It mattered not where I was going... The important thing was that the sun was following. I felt weird at first. Weird, but good. A certain amount of time passed, when I caught myself smiling and looking up, towards the sun.  I did not even notice the cloud, until it was positioned right between the two of us. I stopped, amazed. Then, she came. The all too familiar rain, which followed me wherever I went. Slyly hiding, she lets me forget all those hours I spent wet, but she always comes back. 

She greeted me with a few drops, and I responded with a cynical smile. I did not give up right away; I tried to beat her. I was wet, but I didn't stop. I saw a canopy, under which I could hide. Although dissatisfied, due to the fact that I was soaked, I could not hide the smile on my face. It was a victor's smile, for I thought I got away from her.

It looked like she would be the first to falter, for I was prepared to wait for as long as it took. She started slowing down, and I felt better with each passing moment. I thought that, if only for this one time, I had managed to outsmart her. She had almost completely stopped, when I sent her that recognizable, cynical smile. I should have known, that's exactly what she was waiting for.

As I was looking up towards her, satisfied, celebrating my first victory, I had failed to notice the car speeding beside me... Until the cold water from the pond pulled me back to my senses. How could I dare forget?! I knew she never played by the rules! I knew she had allies everywhere. I knew I could not win by playing fair. But I did not want to cheat, and that might have been my second mistake. That is the reason I never went out. How could I have forgotten? 

She started raining with all her might, and I did not want to hide any longer. I stepped from under the canopy, lifted my head and spread my arms, embracing her. I just stood like that, defeated and helpless. I still do. It looks like someone has to be the Rainman, after all. And if someone has to, why wouldn't that someone be me?

The End

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