The Exoder

A large mining space vessal has finally retrieved the relic it's captain has sought after for so long. But the creatures guarding the relic are not willing to let it go, and soon, a virus has spread throughout the ship. Innocent humans are being turned into horrific alien creatures. The survivors' only hope is the distress signal they managed to broadcast, if no help comes, they, are doomed.

Samuel Forge switched the planet cracker into life. The sound of huge chunks of rock flying into the air was musical. The small planet would surely be almost ripped in half by this awesome power, he thought. Lighting a ciggarete, he wondered over to his collegue, Oliver.

 " I'll be glad to get off this freezeing chunk of rock," Said Sam.

" It'll be a while yet, we don't even know that whatever the captain is after is down here, and if it is we still have to get it up to the ship" Said Oliver looking up.

" Captain Stone seems pretty certain this is it," Said Sam.

" He was pretty certain about the last five planets," Replied Oliver.

 Suddenly, an alarm siren filled the air. Sam and Oliver both got to a saftey bunker. A few other workers were huddled inside. Sam quickly discovered that the gravity beams that were meant to catch the flying bits of planet had broken, and now huge rocks were about to rain down on them. He had to get out there and fix it.

The End

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