Rufus' First winter and spring

This story is geared to 5- 7 year olds

My name is Rufus.  I am a gray cat who was adopted at an animal shelter. I was adopted in January when I was four months old. My first winter I did not know if I liked snow. I had not seen it before. When I jumped off the deck into a snow bank I got a big surprise.

I have thick  fur  that keeps me warm. Soon I learned to like the snow. I liked to smell the tracks of the bunny rabbits in the snow. I liked to follow the bunny tracks. The tracks led to a hedge at the edge of our property. My rope wouldn't let me go any further than the hedge. I would sit and stare at the hedge, hoping that the bunny rabbits would come out to play. They never did.

When the weather was cold and stormy I could not go out to play. I didn't like that. I would go to the back door and meow for my people to let me out. They would pick me up and cuddle me, they would give me toys  to play with. They would tell me that it was too cold for me to go outdoors.  I would still meow at the back door. Sometimes they would let me out into the back shed just for a little while. I would climb up into the rafters and sleep until they got a ladder and brought me down.

The first spring at my new home I discovered that there was a tree right behind our deck. It was a good tree, and I had enough rope on my harness to let me climb it. I would go way up into the branches, but I would not know how to get down. I would meow until one of my people got a ladder and brought me down.

There was a long limb that went out over the back shed roof. I tried to climb out on the limb so I could get on the roof. My rope kept getting caught up in the branches.  My people cut down the branch that went out over the roof. My people left the ladder up so that I could get down the tree by myself. I got to be good at getting out of the tree.

The End

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