Rufus settles in at home

This story is geared to 5 - 7 year olds

My name is Rufus, and I like my new home a lot. I was only four months old when I came here. I have had a lot of fun getting to know my new home and my new people parents. Sometimes I get in trouble because I do things my people don't want me to do.

I have a very long bushy tail, and sometimes it knocks things off of shelves. My mommy person says that I am just a duster mop with feet. I like to climb, and I climb everything that is taller than I am. I climb on chairs, I climb on tables. I climb on book shelves, I climb on shelves with ornaments on them. Climb climb climb.

My first year here I tried to climb the Christmas tree. It was not a real tree. It only had a skinny trunk, and I couldn't get up into it, so I played with the ornaments instead. I liked the ornaments. My people moved the ornaments out of reach. I looked up and meowed at the ornaments.

One day my mommy person got up from the dinner table to answer the phone. My daddy person was in the kitchen. My mommy person left her chili all alone. I did not think that was a good thing to do. I jumped up on the table to keep the chili company. The chili smelled so good that I ate the chili. My mommy person yelled at me and squirted water at me. I didn't care, I liked the chili.

The End

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